(Last Updated On: April 21, 2022)

Almost half of the world’s population uses one or more social media platforms. On social media, not only can one stay connected with billions of people, but brands and businesses can interact with customers. 

Social media is a great tool that can boost visibility like wildflowers. But, this will only happen if the user has a large social media following. Therefore, there are seven simple tips to grow your social media following. 

Social media is the best platform to get customers and opportunities. 

The more followers an individual has, the better the chances. Increasing social media following gives the user access to many followers. However, it might not be easy to grow a social media following when one doesn’t know how to get started.  Read More: Top 5 Ways Of How to Increase Twitter Followers In 2022

This review provides seven tips to help users build a strong media following.

How Can I Increase My Following On Social Media?

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Whatever one’s activities are, social media impacts everything. Whether it is Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, a large following drives active engagement. 

Users cannot overstate the benefits of increasing following. Growing followers on any social media network drives visibility. This makes it essential for one to build an engaging online community. 

In addition, users can increase their following on social media by taking significant measures. 

One tactic is that the individuals should create and share quality content. 

Another way to go about it is by using social media advertising. Uptopsocial offers premium social media advertising services to a range of customers. 

Higher engagement on a post helps increase social media following when there is higher engagement. Everyone enjoys waking up to thousands of followers, likes, comments, and shares. But this will take place if the user works smart. Here are seven helpful tips to increase following on any platform as a social media user.

Tip 1: Set Goals And Objectives

The first tip for growing social media following is for one to set goals and objectives. Setting goals assists the user in developing a strategy before creating content. Social media goals help individuals to track growth and progress. 

Doing this ensures that the user plans what to post and how to engage the audience. 

To achieve social media goals and objectives, such a person needs to remain committed. The point is that the goals and objectives must be attainable. When identifying social media goals, one can use the SMART technique. The SMART method stands for;

● Specific

● Measurable

● Achievable

● Realistic 

● Time-bound

Hence, they must be clear and defined when setting social media goals. Some defined social media goals are improving sales, increasing ROI, etc. Setting defined goals and objectives can aid users in expanding their following on social media.

Tip 2: Create Quality Content

Another tip for building a solid following on social media is creating quality content. Engagement is one vital factor in increasing followers. 

Sharing valuable content makes followers, likes, and comments number up. A post that motivates, educates, and entertains has high engagement. Having quality content describes the user as a reliable person for the audience. 

Thus, when one posts the best content, the audience tends to share it with friends. The social media user must remain consistent in sharing helpful content with the readers. This tactic keeps the user at the heart of the audience. Algorithms determine the validity of the content on any social media channel. So, one should focus on getting high engagement for content to rank as relevant. 

Creating quality content increases engagement. Having valuable content also assists in building social media following.

Tip 3: Use Hashtags

After making helpful content, that is not all. For better-optimized content, the user should use relevant hashtags. This is an effective method to make the content reachable and engaging. Hashtags increase social media following only when it is appropriate to the content. For instance, if the post is on Instagram tips, the relevant hashtag will be #InstagramTips. 

Hashtags are the main currency on social media channels. It is a social media feature that can help individuals gain more followers. However, the user should be creative in using relevant hashtags to increase engagement. There are two ways to use hashtags to increase social media followers.

The first is the use of popular hashtags. Adding a popular hashtag to a post extends the reach of the audience. The second method is when the user participates in trending events. When people come across content on trending issues, they would likely follow the creator if it aligns with them. So, using hashtags in a post can increase the social media following of the user. 

Tip 4: Engage With Followers

Engaging with followers is another tested tip that builds social media presence. Humans resonate better with story and interaction. So, users should employ the use of storytelling when creating content. Engaging content quickly sparks up exchange amongst the followers. 

While building social media presence, users must learn to engage with their followers. There are several ways users can engage with followers. One major one is responding to comments. Others are answering questions asked and reacting to posts that mentioned you. 

Individuals can even share an open-ended question. This keeps the conversation going because the post asks for the honest input of the audience. 

Creating an engaging post is the best way to promote interaction amongst followers. The user should write on controversial topics, unusual issues, and trends. Writing on relatable topics attracts more comments from the followers. It also increases the user media following.

Tip 5: Use Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an excellent way to achieve many new followers. When users utilize paid ads and sponsored posts, it grows the audience or followers. 

Investing a good amount in paid social advertisement can help individuals gain more social media following. 

Social Media advertising is cost-effective, and it allows users to acquire more visibility and followers. Unlike free ads, paid ads and sponsored posts can help promote content, increase conversions, and connect with new people. 

Social media advertisement is one natural way to gain more followers. Hence, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In, these channels have distinct target ads. That helps boost followers and engagement. Individuals can invest a few bucks in social ads to build strong followers.

Tip 6: Monitor Growth

Monitoring growth helps increase followers across all social media networks. It is not technical; instead, it is simple. At this point, the user finds out trending posts and tracks down followers’ engagement. All social media platforms have monitor analytics. 

Therefore, analyzing the result of a post on social media is another effective way to optimize social media presence.

The monitor analytics strategy helps the user to understand his followers and the content that aligns better with them. It assists the user in knowing when the comments are increasing or reducing. Monitoring analytics keeps track of the likes, reach, comments, shares, and impressions on content. With this tip, individuals can engage with the audience.

Tip 7: Explore New Ideas

All social media channels are assets for speaking with like-minds and creating brand awareness. New and existing social media users can experiment and innovate to attract more followers. 

Doing this requires having a strategic plan. One can also try hosting contests; this helps to improve engagement. Individuals should be creative and innovative when sharing content. When the user is innovative and takes relevant action, it also increases social media following.

How Can I Attract More Followers?

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At present, most people do not optimize the power of social media until they want to launch a brand.

Social media is not only for brands or businesses; individuals can also leverage these platforms. It is essential to understand ways to attract users to join the large community of social media users,

Attracting more followers on social media boosts engagement. Now, some proven tips one can use to attract followers on social media are;

● Sharing valuable post

● Engaging followers.

● Paying for social media advertising and sponsored post 

● Create content using a conversational tone

● Using stunning images and videos.

● Using hashtags wisely

Final Thoughts

Followership is valuable because it promotes the art of engagement. Social media following is vital when one is committed to growing a brand or business. 

Apply the seven simple tips to grow your social media following to maximize engagement. Hence, one builds an engaged follower base with consistent planning, setting goals, quality posts, hashtags, etc.