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How to Fix Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

Fix Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device- in USB drive, another error message is “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device” Do you know why is this? This error message showed in Windows XP as “generic volume cannot be stopped right now. as wel as you can use these answers for XP,windows 7,Windows 8,windows 10 and Vista.
Symptoms of “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device”

This problem occurs when you try to remove your pen drive or external HDD by clicking “safely Remove hardware” in start bar. you may be see this box
Note – Don’t force remove any of your USB drive because it harm to your pen drive and computer too.



Cause for “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device”

Reason is your pen drive’s or HDD drive’s files using another program in your computer in this time. so first close the all program like Ms word in pen drive or HDD drive. in another words. our Computer has a clip board and it is like a temporary memory. If we perform “Copy and paste” that copied file or some thing will be save on clip board. 


Solution for -Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device.

  • You can use third party software.
  • Also you can do it manual.


Use Third party software

We recommend you to use one of third party software. we introduce 3 best softwares and choose one and go head with us. If you have a problem please ask with screen shot. then you can quick identify what is the exact problem with your Computer



I recommend for you to use this third party software. This application is design for only this error. like delete undeleted files, fix access denied and etc. all you want is to do, right click your USB icon (Pend drive , Camera, HDD Icon). then click “unlocker” after that you can remove you USB drive.

Pen 1



IObit Unlocker  

This is one of the power full third party software to delete locked files. Also you can use this application for delete “Cannot Delete this/ Access Denied” kind of things. And they guaranteed data safety. So you don’t need to fear use this software. To run this, first download and install this. Then Run by clicking icon in desktop or right click on the your USB drive, there is the option to unlock.


NoVirusThanks File Governor

This is also one of best software. This software is design to perform these things. Terminate processes, delete locked files and fix Access Denied. And they guaranteed data safety in your USB drive. First, Download and install “governor” and run. Then Scan your Pen drive/HDD drive by selecting drive’s letter. After scan, Kill and unlock the files.




Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device without software

fix this error without software, actually it is simple. don’t worry here is step by step guide how to do it. If you have even small question please ask 🙂 Go Head


1. Clean the clip board.

As i mentioned above, Clip board is like a temporary memory. Clip board keep your copied files stand by mood and it give your files if you perform “paste”. To clean the Clip board, simply Copy some files in your HDD,and paste it to somewhere in HDD drive. then try to remove the Pen or HDD. does not help this? go head

2. Solve with Task manager.

To solve with task manager, first you have to go to task manager.  Click “Control +all + delete” together on the desktop. then it will open task manager. after open, go to process tab in menu.
Find “rund1132.exe” named task, and Click end process.



3. Solve with device manager.

There are two removal policy. one is quick remove, and another is better performance remove.

  • In quick remove – you can disconnect the device without use “safely Remove hardware” option. as wel as in quick remove, it disable write caching on the device.
  • Better performance – you must use “safely Remove hardware” option. as wel as in better performance ,it disable write caching on the device.


choose “quick remove. but this can’t recommend for all time.


Ejecting the drive

If you remove your drive properly? here is the to remove your Pen drive , HDD, Camera, phone and all other USB drives.

Simply click this and choose “safely Remove hardware” option



choose your USB Drive in the list



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