(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

How to Reset Chinese HTC Desire

How to reset android phone from Computer  Click

How to Reset Chinese HTC Desire- Hi, today our guide line is how to perform reset in Chinese HTC phones.. most of peoples can’t read Chinese language so they stuck  with this situation. Because Chinese HTC phone boot menu also Chinese language.. Go head

Actually I wrote this post because some uses ask us

“How to reset my Chinese HTC desire phone, it is Chinese menu”

“I can’t reset my Chinese HTC desire phone because it have Chinese language.. i can not understand it”

“How to do reset with my Chinese HTC desire phone”

Also i want to say another thing. You can use this guide line for all HTC android phones like HTC desire M8,HTC One A9, ONE M7,HTC ONE M9,HTC Desire 610 Qual Core,HTC Desire 826w, Desire 820,Desire 820 5.5″ Octa,HTC Desire 816,HTC Desire 310,HTC Desire 501 Dual SIM,HTC Desire 501,Desire u,desire v,desire c

How to do reset in HTC

  1. First of all.. turn off the your HTC phone by pressing power button.. and now open the boot menu..
    To open the boot menu.. tap the theses button together..

Note: some of Chinese phone has different methods to open boot menu. So try these.. one of method will work for you..

Combination 1 : tap volume Down + power key  <<—–
Combination 2 : tap power key+volume key+home key

      2. Now you can see this kind of screen.. isn’t?  choose “reset”
           Don’t worry about this Chinese menu any more. you can see the English translation below

How to Reset Chinese HTC Desire


  1. Factory model <<——
  2. Auto test
  3. Manual test
  4. Individual test
  5. Test result
  6. Debug test options
  7. Wipe eMMC
  8. Version info
  9. Reboot phone

Note: to choose reset you have go down or up on the menu.. to go down or up. Use volume up key and down key.if you want to select, tap the power key. 


      3. Then choose “YES” in second menu. Now phone will get reset.. please wait.. 

When resetting complete, phone will reboot automatically..

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

Now job is done.. make sure to adjust time, language, time zone while it reboot.. if you have any problem please ask with screen shot. And please share this over the Facebook and twitter.