(Last Updated On: November 18, 2022)

The days of static and plain images are long gone. Animation is at its peak with GIFs, videos, animated characters, drawings, and cartoons, as everyone relies on them to gain viewers.

Various types of animated visuals are available on the market, such as animated infographics, animated graphics, GIFs, videos, etc. Globally, the animated market is expected to reach 270 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, according to Statista.

Previously, the professional videos contained animated text only for designs. Mobile devices and computers alike can, however, use animated text generators to change colors, sparkles, and move text.

To create illustrative animated visuals, game developers, digital artists, and character designers need animation tools. The following are some of the most famous animation principles that allow designers to add texture and elements to the final product:

  • Two techniques for handling animation drawing that provide realistic and fluid motion are post-to-post and straight ahead.
  • Stretch and squash give the objects and characters the illusion of weight, gravity, flexibility, and mass.
  • Focus on the details to create a perfect artwork that catches the eye of the user.
  • Make it more realistic by animating movements to build anticipation and add action.

It is important to be aware of a few basic principles of animation. However, when it comes to animating characters, one needs to pay attention to the details. read more motion graphic companies

Drawing animated characters is easier with the help of top tools. Let’s look at some of them.

10+ Top Animating Software’s in 2022

1. Animaker

For beginners and professionals, Animaker is an excellent platform for creating animated and live-action videos. For professionals, its Cartoon Maker is free, easy to use, and reliable. There are several themes available in the cartoon video market that make the characters pop instantly.

With this tool, one can make the cartoon animation by following a few simple steps such as:

  • Select the animated template that meets your requirements.
  • Customize templates instantly while overcoming limitations such as backgrounds, cartoon characters, images, animated text, and properties.
  • If you want to add a track, either select one from Animaker’s library or upload it.
  • The video can be shared or downloaded.
  • It provides an excellent way to streamline cartoons with custom builders and bring the characters to life. There are a variety of facial features, accessories, expressions, 200 voices, and costumes to choose from.

2. Adobe

You can use Adobe Animate to create interactive animations for the web, TV shows, and games. In addition, it allows for the creation of infographics, eLearning content, avatars, doodles, and more, for sharing across multiple platforms.

It is a powerful tool for creating augmented reality experiences for mobile and web content. A sketching and drawing feature allow in bloom and blending with Adobe Fresco.

To reach audiences on TV, mobile, and desktop, the designers can work frame-by-frame to design web banners and talk, blind, and walk. Additionally, the animation can be exported to WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, SVG, and Flash/Adobe AIR. Users can also explore tutorials, artist stories, live stream events, etc.

3. Vyond

Videos made with Vyond can be used for eLearning, training, sales, human resources, and marketing. You can create media from a library of resources, prebuilt templates, and a suite of collaboration tools.

The tool can help transform organizations through customization and give their brands a whole new look. Additionally, it offers data security and privacy to deliver secure video to clients.

The generic can be transformed into dynamic videos via library of sounds, props, templates, etc. for a distributed workforce. You can easily create affordable videos and are flexible to drive positive business outcomes.

Using this tool, you can create videos like a pro with static, stale text and communication without spending any money. It is easier to construct the videos from scratch using ready-made templates, choose props, and create customized characters.

4. Animatron

You can use Animatron to make explainer videos, HTML5 banners, whiteboard animations, make stunning presentations, and create HTM5 animations. With this tool, you can drag-and-drop 200 pre-animated sets, access 500K royalty-free audios, videos, and photos, and apply whiteboard animation style.

This tool can be used for selling more video demos or catalogs, creating explainer videos to educate leads, and telling business stories with banner ads. With the tool, you can create animated sets, icons, and themed infographics with backgrounds, pre-animated characters, and props.

The media can be edited, placed, and imported to create a video, audio, photos, and graphics. The videos can be combined, spliced, annotated, and overlayed while adding branding elements and animated text.

Furthermore, the tool allows customization with basic shapes, reshaping, editing each piece, recoloring, etc., to change the animation.

5. Reallusion

CrazyTalk by Reallusion simplifies the creation of 3D talking heads. Adding text and voice to the images has been made easier with this facial animation software.

The program includes several features for revolutionizing auto motion and converts them into talking animations.

With the 3D Head Creation tool, you can turn images into animated talking characters. The software allows you to create unique animated photo albums, emails, e-cards, and online greetings.

Users are able to create 2D and 3D comic heads from static images or drawings using the face fitting technology. The program also features multi-layer editing options to create realistic eyes based on human anatomy.

Using side and front photos, it creates a composite of the face to define the contours of the face. Creative retouches can also be applied to inanimate objects in CrazyTalk 8 Head Creator to enhance creativity.

In addition to standard, there are pro and pipeline editions, ranging from $49 to $149.

6. TonnyTool

Comics, cartoons, and animations can be created and shared with TonnyTool. Cartoonize an image or create comic strips online for free by selecting a background, adding speech bubbles or characters, and then editing them.

With this tool, users can easily create comics or animations to share online or save on their systems. In addition to promoting top-notch portals, games marketing can quickly be developed.

7. Renderforest

You can create stunning videos using professionally designed templates on Renderforest, an online cartoon maker. Multifunctional cartoon maker that users can use to create online cartoons in browsers.

Various templates are available including a kids promo toolkit, an explainer video toolkit with lines, an educational video toolkit, an explainer video toolkit with characters, a healthcare explainer toolkit, an icon animation pack, and a whiteboard animation toolkit.

With these steps, anyone can easily create a compelling video without prior design skills.

  • Create cartoons from scratch or choose the best templates,
  • To start creating the video, edit the ready-made story or use animated characters or scenes,
  • Edit the style, colors, or voice-over to fit the brand message, add texts, or add voice-overs.
  • Make animated cartoons that are unique.

The video can be shared and exported once it is ready. Animating promotion strategies will help explain engaging ideas, connect with the audience instantly, improve engagement with attractive, informative, or cartoons, and increase conversion to improve the promotion of your products.

8. Colorcinch

Cartoonize, a photo editing software from Colorcinch, instantly edits, creates, and transforms photos into customized artwork. The application lets users design free, beautiful, and simple cartoons that speak for their brands.

Online and offline, the interface is easy to use, productive, and intuitive. AI-powered photo editing and effects are easy to use with the smart editing tools for top-notch results with fewer clicks

For enhancing the quality of the photos, we offer premium vector graphics, a library and icons. These features are:

  • Organizing layers in a user-friendly manner
  • By using overlays, bokeh, flares, and falling rain, you can create beautiful shots
  • by using cartoon image maker with one-click cartoonization
  • you can customize your photos with handcrafted frames
  • including artistic, floral, and geometric patterns
  • drawn with a variety of brushes
  • One-click image transformation

The all-in-one text and photo editor has enhancing, resizing, and transforming features. By adding cartoonizer effects, sketches, and adjustable filters, it beautifies and customizes the artwork.

9. Doratoon

Doratoon is the ideal tool for creating customized videos. Among its features are props, backgrounds, templates, animations, and stock footage. There are over 1000 animated characters with facial expressions in Doratoon, as well as stock props, videos, photos and 10,000 2D and 3D background images.

This tool is useful for marketers, educators, entrepreneurs, and HR to create animated videos, friendly video interactions, compelling content, ads, and promotional videos. Beginners can use these templates for a variety of domains, including advertisement, project list, marketing research, internal meeting, employee boarding, financial report, lecture summary, and tips for work efficiency.

10. Biteable

Biteable can help you make engaging and captivating cartoon videos. It includes several templates, such as the following:

Simple steps can be taken to create a cartoon video:

  • Launch Biteable on your laptop
  • and select the cartoon template you need
  • Sign in or create an account
  • Animated cartoon maker can be made with a backing track, cartoon clip, text, etc.
  • Share it on social media, through email, or embed it on the website.

Building trust with an audience is easy with a cartoon character. In addition to tackling controversial or sensitive topics, the tool tackles traditionally dull topics as well.

The program has animated templates, fun video clips, favorite colors, music, etc. By using Biteable for user engagement, users can create attention-grabbing cartoons. Videos must be short and sweet to be relatable to viewers.

11. FlexClip

Create animated cartoon videos with FlexClip‘s professional-looking templates for free. The templates can be customized or created from scratch. Other tools that can be used to create cartoons include drag-and-drop, edits, uploading animated photos, adding some music, etc.

Among the free cartoon video templates are spooky Halloween invitations, Halloween countdown videos, travel intros, cartoon Halloween intros, Halloween snacks sales, cute intros, animated cartoons, flash intros, children’s cartoons, YouTube intros for Vloggers, etc.

There are no customization steps with the cartoon video maker. The product includes fit the style, cartoon video templates, video text editor, animation library with animation clips, and an uncountable amount of cartoon pictures.

Music from multiple tracks can be easily added to make it more lifelike and adorable. You can easily use slow-motion footage, bubble text, 3D text, and on-the-go words, as well as stock cartoon visuals, depending on what you need.

12. Powtoon

Powtoon online video editors allow you to create animated videos instantly. These explainer videos can be easily converted into studio-produced videos when using this tool. You can use the free animated video maker software to create different types of videos, including change management, virtual webinars, and all-hands meetings.

An animated video can be made by starting with:

  • Visiting Powtoon’s website
  • creates animated videos by logging in or creating an account
  • then picking a template
  • The template can be customized with illustrations, icons, colors, animations, custom characters, etc.
  • The video can be shared via social media or website.

To use the 100 templates, footage, and characters, designers don’t need any technical or design skills. Users can also learn about animation through the tool’s several resources.


Animation tools can be used for business purposes such as inviting members, preparing presentations using infographics templates, and developing videos. Animated videos can be enhanced through animation tools. These tools give them a new and exciting dimension. Digital artists, game developers, and character designers can use static images with a hint of animation to make their work stand out.