(Last Updated On: February 9, 2023)

You may have noticed your Instagram timeline looking slightly different recently with videos becoming more and more popular on the platform. Things are… confusing. There doesn’t seem to be just one strategy for content followed by users.  

Some swear by Reels as the only way to expand reach, while others opt for having different strategies for Instagram stories, the feed, and explore page. One thing is for sure though, it’s time to shake things up for your Instagram account.

Your Instagram feed essentially tells a story about you or your brand. Sure, there doesn’t need to be a hard and fast rule for each post, but the overall feed should speak for itself in being recognisable as your brand’s signature look – and keep up with the latest Instagram content trends. 

Keeping up with the latest trends and styles to follow can be difficult as you try to align those with your current aesthetic. If you’re struggling with coming up with new ideas to try, here are our three essential tips to make your instagram feed fresh for 2023! 

1. Pick a style 

Your Instagram feed is the perfect platform to creatively display your style. It’s how people can identify you or your brand’s unique personality.

Your Instagram feed style can be anything – it can simply be a color scheme or signature fonts that you use in your posts. Do you feel your current brand aesthetic is translating well through your Instagram posts? Now would be a good time to figure out what is the overall look you want your audience to associate with your social media presence. 

A good example of a strong Instagram style is Chamberlain Coffee owned by social media influencer Emma Chamberlain. Notice the rounded edges on each post? What about the color palette and fonts? 

Even though the posts vary between product shots, merchandise, videos or memes, following a style makes it all come together in a cohesive manner. And that’s really it – a few design features of your choice are all you need to make a modern, standout Instagram feed!

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Most importantly, you would want to pick a style that is broad enough to be applied to any kind of post you upload. To make things easier, you can choose from several modern instagram post templates to try out a style that works for you and your brand. You can customize them with your brand colors and fonts and speed up the process of creating consistent content for your popping new Instagram feed. 

2. Spotlight your personality 

The year is 2023. Authenticity is in. People want to see more of the unfiltered you. In fact, you may have noticed several influencers making a more conscious effort to post more ‘real’ content that is appreciated by their audience massively. 

There’s no doubt that great quality images and videos perform great on Instagram, but, there’s no harm in sprinkling in more ‘regular’ looking content occasionally. Think of your Instagram account to have a personality of its own –  what steps are you taking to make it more relatable for your audience?

If you are running your business’s Instagram account, a helpful tip is to show your audience exactly how you would like your product/service to be used and who it is meant for. Think about this – how will you showcase your average customer? A great reference for this is the clothing line Social Tourist run by TikTok sisters Dixie and Charli D’Amelio.

Along with professional photography, they post regular pictures of people wearing their clothing line taken through a regular smartphone camera. This tells us that their brand is targeted towards young women who are on the go, but want a balance between comfort and aesthetic in their outfits. 

Plus, the Social Tourist account goes so far as to include blurry photographs as part of carousel posts. This isn’t exactly unedited, but it is definitely a planned, conscious move to display the brand’s vibe in a more relaxed way. 

The idea is to have fun sharing more of your personality online, whether it is through more experimental photography, memes, or video content. Try out something new, and your audience just may end up loving it!


3. Reel it up!

Reels are a great way to create new content especially since they have seen a rise in popularity. They give you a new way to show a different side of your brand, plus, they help to reach a wider audience. 

Making a Reel can seem complicated, but the best part is that Reels have so much room for flexibility. They can be simple videos stitched together or a more artistic video – the choice is yours! 

Family run business Ballerina Farm keeps things simple in showing the behind the scenes content for their business. The example below has clear and clean shots that come together to make a simple but aesthetically pleasing video Reel. 


You can go for a more creative approach like digital content creator, @taamush__, who uses Reels to showcase his work. This Reel followed a “scrapbook” style aesthetic with different elements edited in a fast-paced video. 


Whichever approach you go for, Reels are definitely becoming one of the ways to up your Instagram game and keep your feed interesting and new.

Tip: Use trending audios for your Reels which helps to make them more visible as people browse through videos under an audio for inspiration. 

Start Creating

With these tips, you can be sure to keep your Instagram account modern and up to date. The main goal is to keep on experimenting. Take your time to try out different styles and content to find one that you’re happy with and can be consistent with. You’ve got this!