(Last Updated On: September 24, 2022)

Travel is an adventure that everyone should experience at least a few times in their life. This is especially true for young, curious, and open-minded students. Traveling to far-off lands with fun adventures and diverse people can prepare students for the challenges they will face in their lives in the future.

Whether it is domestic or international travel, there are some necessary skills that every student traveler must have in order to travel with ease and spend the least amount of money and time. Here are those vital skills:

Directional skills

Anyone who wants to travel a lot has to have a good sense of direction and an understanding of maps. In the day and age of online GPS, reading a map can be a useful skill in the absence of mobile data or an internet connection. This can also be an extremely helpful skill in case of power outages. Using a compass and a map together can make it quite easy for people to find directions, especially on tough trails and hiking routes.

Learning new languages

As a global citizen who travels a lot, learning a new language should be something students love and look forward to doing. Whether you want to be an expert in the local language of the country you’re visiting or just want to learn basic skills, teach yourself enough in order to complete your trip with easy communication and complete clarity. It is equally important to keep up with your studies if you travel and study online. To manage all tasks on time and not miss deadlines, you may need some professional help. There are many best essay writing websites, but academastery that you can choose from, but read the reviews first!


To survive in a foreign country, a traveling student has to be good at bargaining in order to save money and live frugally. Students living in different places who spend money in foreign currency should be able to get stuff for affordable prices. Bargaining or haggling can be done in vegetable stands, fruit vendor stalls, flower markets, and other street stores.

Communicating with strangers

Growing up in a small town doesn’t let you interact with strangers or unknown people. Being a part of a society with many traveling individuals may help you communicate with strangers, whether it is for purposes like looking for a particular address, reading a sign in a foreign language, or asking for any other favor. One may also learn to communicate with strangers in order to find the best attractions, restaurants, and other scenic spots in a foreign land as a traveler.

Car maintenance and driving

Being able to drive both stick-shift and manual cars is a necessary skill for traveling students to have. Whether you are traveling inside the country or internationally, young students who are on a budget can save a lot of money by renting out cars and driving themselves to places instead of relying on public transport or taxis. Students can also save a lot of money by saving up on fuel and maintenance expenses like servicing. Students must know how to change their tires, jumpstart the car in case of engine failure, and other useful car maintenance skills. 

Convert currencies and other metrics

European countries and America use two entirely different sets of metric systems to measure anything. For example, Americans use pounds and Europeans use kilograms. Along with these, each country has its own currency that can be converted to US Dollars and compared for easier understanding. Young student travelers must be able to do quick mental math and convert currencies and other metrics easily to avoid hassles and misunderstandings during their trips.

Survival skills

Anyone who leaves their home is required to have basic survival skills in order to protect themselves and take care of their health. Travelers must know basic travel safety rules for students, how to perform CPR, and they should always have important medications as well as a first aid kit with them.

Final thoughts

In order to have a safe and happy journey, a student must be equipped with the above-mentioned skills. Keep yourself alert and at full capacity to make sure you are safe. Keep your devices charged and your body recharged. Have a happy journey!


Eric Wyatt is an avid traveler with an impressive list of 100+ trips completed to different places. His experience as a travel writer for international magazines as well as his journeys has given him the expertise to write about the necessary travel skills students must have. In his free time, Wyatt enjoys watching movies.