(Last Updated On: March 18, 2023)

Whatsapp has taken over many people’s lives in the most accessible manner in the past few years. Talking about GB WhatsApp is an advanced feature of WhatsApp. The most common reason people get addicted to GB WhatsApp is its features. GB WhatsApp brings you a wide variety of advanced features without any cost. The most common and frequently used features of GB WhatsApp are numerous. You can hide your delivered status and blue ticks. This way, you can easily avoid people if you are not willing to respond to them. You can also change the themes and set them according to your need and moods. The most exciting feature is that you can simultaneously send as many messages, images, and videos as possible. GB WhatsApp imposes no limitations.

 You can send pictures of 90+ to anyone, a video clip of 50 MB, and an audio clip of 100MB. Isn’t it “Wow”? If you do not wish to get interrupted by people and simultaneously want to respond to essential texts on GB WhatsApp, you can mask your online status. Stay updated without getting interrupted. Suppose you liked someone’s status and wish to add it to your gallery. GB WhatsApp lets you save anyone’s status on your phone with just a single click.

Moreover, if someone has deleted their status update and you didn’t view it. You can know about the updated status, and the same ease is associated with the chats. Suppose the sender deleted the message after sending it. You will be able to know about the text that came your way. 

GB WhatsApp is an enthusiastic application and is highly recommended for people who are not too social and want to enjoy freedom but wish to stay updated with the things in their surroundings. 

There is no need to click and open the application if you wish to know the active status of your contacts, as GB WhatsApp will instantly notify you if someone is online or has recently changed their profile picture. 

Apart from daily routine activities, you can also connect GB WhatsApp to other social media accounts and foster the growth of your business. Life is sometimes quite hectic or boring the other times. GB WhatsApp enables you to evade your worries, enjoy more fun and communicate your thoughts more expressively and engagingly with your loved ones. You can sparkle the charm of your chats by using different themes, emojis, and stickers. This fast version does not interrupt you with useless ads; your flow is on the go. 

Adjust the auto-reply feature for the contacts and ease yourself with the hustle of sending the exact text to many people. If you are enjoying Instagram reels and are unwilling to get interrupted by other notifications, you can also turn on Do Not Disturb Mode on GB Whatsapp.

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

GB WhatsApp offers you the same advanced features as regular Whatsapp. But, GB Whatsapp is not a good option for conscious and sensitive people about their images and documents being accessed by any third party. The chances of malware are high in GB WhatsApp applications because as soon as you download and install the application on your device. It demands access to your phone’s internal storage. Your chats might not be read or visible to the third party, but the ownership of your data does not restrict you solely anymore. The owner of WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp is not the same. Some third-party developers develop GB Whatsapp. Instead of being amazed at the use of this application, you are putting your privacy at significant risk But there are trusted sources which can be trusted you can visit gb whatsapp download for that.

Enhanced/Extra Features

  • 255 status character limit
  • 50 MB Media sharing capacity 
  • 100 Document sharing limit
  • Status Saving/Copying
  • Freeze last seen
  • Sending blank message
  • Unlimited themes, emojis and stickers
  • Customization
  • Chat lock
  • HD quality images/videos
  • Auto reply
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Hide last seen
  • Mask typing 
  • Hide your status views
  • Know Deleted messages 
  • Hide second tick 
  • Hide blue microphone option


What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a version of regular WhatsApp offering advanced features for its users. 

Why are people attracted to GB WhatsApp?

The only reason why people are using GB WhatsApp is due to enhanced security and a wide range of features that can thrill your mood. 

What is the latest version of GB WhatsApp?

The latest version of GB WhatsApp is 1.0.7

How to install GB WhatsApp? 

The installation process of GB WhatsApp only demands a few careful steps.

Step 1: Go to the web browser and download the latest version of  GB WhatsApp. 

Step 2: Open the file and click the install option after downloading.

Step 3: The installation process will only take a few minutes. Agree to the terms and conditions and enjoy using the application. 

Who is the founder of GBWhatsApp?

Atnfas Hoak is the founder of GB WhatsApp.