(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

How to unroot Samsung galaxy phone

In this post, we are try to give instructions to unroot your Samsung galaxy phone. most of people have questions after unrooting/ removing root/ can canceling root, whether phone’s warranty is come back or not?. follow this guide line. get some ideas. 

After unrooting, whether phone’s warranty is come back or not?

some people says that once you void your warranty. you can’t get it back. others says when you unroot and wipe whole phone, then your  device manufacturer’s warranty is come back. 

Unroot my samsung galaxy phone

Requirement for unroooting

  • You must have 30% battery power to perform this procedure safety. If you phone does not display battery power then install this app
  • This method works only if you have installed SuperSu app. 


Step for Unroot Samsung galaxy phone

Step 1, 

Go apps list, and find SuperSu app and open it.

Unroot Samsung galaxy phone

Step 2, Go to app setting, find “Full unroot” you can find it under cleanup section

Unroot Samsung galaxy phone


Step 3, tap “continue” on the warring screen.

Unroot Samsung galaxy phone

After installing restart your phone. you had better wipe your phone, then all root files will wipe

That is it, Now I think that your phone is completly unroot. thank you for choosing us and come again. please share this post Facebook and twitter

How to check whether my phone unrooted or not?

you can check it by this app. install this and check.