(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

Although there hasn’t been a formal launch ceremony for the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, both Android phones are on display in New York City, hinting at Google’s next rivals to Apple’s recently revealed iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series. Isn’t it strange that at the most unexpected times things take place?

Naturally, we went to the Google Store Chelsea in Manhattan to take plenty of images for you from all angles – at least all the angles imaginable for a phone hidden behind glass. The new retail store is no longer open, but anyone may look at the backsides of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Though no official Google Pixel 6 release date exists, the window shows that the two devices are available in ‘Fall 2021.’. The window displays Google’s flagship smartphones normally released around October, while the Google Pixel 5 was released in late September.

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A two-tone orange Google Pixel 6 is on show, one of three hues available for the smaller phone. Each model has a two-tone color scheme, with a darker hue on top, above the distinctive black camera ring, and a lighter hue on the bottom.

In a yellow/gold color, the top and bottom of the Google Pixel 6 Pro. On the Pro model, the top portion of the phone is substantially larger. Green for the Pixel 6 and silver for the Pixel 6 Pro are the only hues not on show. Both editions will employ a black color scheme.

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A closer look at the camera bar module

A closer look at the camera bar

Come up to the camera bar and take a seat. We took a close look at the Pixel 6 camera module, which includes two lenses on the Pixel 6 and three lenses on the Pixel 6 Pro. If you want more zoom, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version.

While the specifications of the Pixel 6 camera still need confirmation, they feature the normal Wide Camera 50MP, an Ultra-Wide Camera 12MP, and a Pixel 6 Pro exclusive Telephoto camera of 48 MP. The 12MP triple-lens rear cameras on Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro rely on huge sensors and individual pixels, so we’ll have to do some side-by-side comparisons when we get our hands on both.

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The distinctions between the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the ordinary Pixel 6 go beyond the additional rear camera lens. According to reports, the Pro will have a larger display, a larger battery, more RAM, and a better front-facing camera.

But what Google will most likely talk about is its own in-house chipset, the Tensor processor, which will be at the heart of both phones. We’re looking forward to seeing how far Google has progressed with AI-driven computation photography in the Pixel series since 2016, and now that it’s bypassing Qualcomm in favor of its own in-house SoC, we’re excited to see the results.

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The new Pixel 6 phones are almost ready for a hands-on.

Unfortunately, while we were close to getting our hands on these two phones and seeing them in person, the fact that they’re behind glass means we haven’t seen the front. Given the ‘Fall 2021’ release window, we shouldn’t have to wait long to get our hands on one.