(Last Updated On: January 17, 2023)

College time is one of the best times to start a business and grow it. Since you are still in school, you have all the business possibilities to explore. You have access to knowledgeable people to consult for free. Lecturers, university admins, family members, and students will be willing to help. 

When thinking about a business idea, think beyond college. Start a business that you will continue doing after graduation. It needs to have growth opportunities for a top company nationally. Some of the trending businesses today were started by college students. Here are popular business ideas to consider in 2023. 

Real estate

You might be surprised when someone advises you to start a real estate business. Surprisingly, it is one of the business ideas that you can start without money. You only need to understand where to get started and grow it. Look around your home or room to see if you can rent out part of your room. In your mind, you know it is a business that you must grow. Agree with your parents to allow you to rent out a room in your home. Think about helping people who want to rent properties. Use the networks you have to locate rental properties. The internet will be your main work tool for reaching out. The business has the potential to grow after college. 

You will expand into other real estate fields that demand more money. It gives you a chance to research further about the business. As you research, you get more knowledgeable and perform well in education. Education is evolving all the time, and you must evolve too. It is dynamic and keeps growing as society evolves and needs change. As a student, you need to be flexible and have an open mind in college. If the teacher gives you a writing assignment, do not limit yourself to what you have learned. Research further and beyond what university lecturers have taught you. Don’t be afraid to use new technologies, college essay writing service, educational sites to save time while improving your skills and grades. In today’s world, you can easily get a professional and interesting essay or research paper on any topic.


Consulting is another business idea for a student. Again, you do not need thousands of dollars or office space to get started. Consider the field you are studying and brainstorm on areas you are good at. Many of the major consulting companies today started with one idea. Start as a freelance consultant and begin reaching out to people. 

You could offer advice about how to start or register a business. You may offer consulting services in areas such as marketing, planning, and UX/IX. If you are studying veterinary education, you could offer consultation about dogs as pets for students. To start with, just focus on the area you are studying. 

Create animated movies and ads

If you are a fine art student, animated movies are business ideas you can consider. Think beyond the short social media videos students create to entertain followers. Focus on creating full animation movies and selling them online. You only need to stretch out your creativity to the maximum. 

Start writing scripts and thinking about the type of animation movies to create. You only need a computer and animation creation tools. You can get some of the software from school or buy it online. Develop a free website to help you sell. 

You could also consider approaching animation companies and selling to them. If your animation is quality, they could buy the rights and pay you good money. Go to the next animation and keep growing. After graduation, you have a chance to start a full animation company. Another option is to create animated ads and sell them to ad companies. After graduation, you have a chance to start an animation or advertising company. 


Cybersecurity is an ever-growing field that is increasing in demand every year. It is a good business idea for computer science students. Think about creating online security solutions that organizations will embrace. 


The simplest way to start is to create antivirus solutions. Keep brainstorming and develop more advanced software for business systems. After radiation, you could grow your business into security software development. You could think about other fields, such as security analysis and security architecture, after graduation. 


There are many popular business ideas a student could consider. Brainstorm ideas that could grow into a big company after graduation. Consider a business within your area of study. Some of the popular ideas are real estate, consulting, animation, and cybersecurity. You do not require a lot of capital to start such businesses. You only need knowledge and ideas about where to get the market. After graduation, you get a chance to grow the business into a large company.