How to speed up and increase battery life on rooted phone


speed up and increase battery life on rooted phone

There are some apps increase your rooted phone’s battery life and speed. in this post, we are going to List them below. If you know battery increase app or Speed app, feel free to share with us.


This is my favorite app. Greenify is battery saver app and optimize speed. It will hibernate your apps when they’re not in use. after hibernating, your phone battery automatically speed up and optimize speed too. That’s why I use this app. there are also have unrooted greenify. but rooted one is best.

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Auto Pilot Mode

Auto Pilot Mode -Imaging, You are going a long road trip. then your phone is constantly straining to find a new want more battery power To this. If phone is not going to get a good cell signal, then phone will auto enter airplane mode to preserve battery life.

Autorun Manager

Autorun Manager – If you have used the msconfig function for ad/remove programs to startup programs on Windows, then you realize the Autorun Manager. in this rooted app, You can control which apps start when your phone boot. boot means – after restart or switch on the phone by pressing power.

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  1. My phone was stolen and when i was able 2 get it back they had installed all kinds of crap which i uninstalled. This kingroot thing is still on here even after u uninstall it…. Im not sure what this means. Like can the person who stole it and put it on here get access 2 my phone wh this? Im super confused abt it!!! Help please!!! I did a force stop and cleared data n cache also.. Any advice?

    1. 1. Turn off your phone and remove the battery for 5min. after that check whether kingroot is there
      2. Go to safe mood and check whther kingroot app is there
      3. If kingroot is not removed, then you have to Flash Rom

  2. is there an available rom for my vivo x9 plus ? can you send me a download link sir . please help me .

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