(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

Today I am going to show you How set your photo as pen drive icon .. I am not going to use any software so this.. I use only notepad for this activity. You can use this method for any kind of pen drives without any problems

Follow these simple steps

  1. Open notepad

Start –>  and search “notepade”


Start — > all programs — >  accessories — >  Notepad

  1. Create “autorun” program..

Type this code in notepad.. and save it as “autoru.inf”

  [autorun]                                                                                                                                                                           Label=your USB drive name                                                                                                                                         Icon=picture.ico

set your photo as pen drive icon
set your photo as pen drive icon

  1. Converting picture to Icon

In this, You have to convert your favorite picture to icon.. (to small size pic)

1st method.

For this I recommend to use http://ico.bradleygill.com/index.php site.. It’s a image converter site free and online tool..

Upload your favorite picture to site and download that picture as a Icon.. And rename it “picture.ico”

Second Method

you can edit your photo using photoshop or paint, photo size must be 48*48

Third Method

type in google “34 pixels square icon Donwlow”  And find photo

  1. Last step is..

Copy “autorun program , your icon picture to your pen drive..

Now Job is done.. Unplug pen drive and plug again pen drive. Now you can see that picture set as drive icon. Any question?  please ask..

Thank You..