(Last Updated On: November 25, 2023)

A serious job requires serious equipment, particularly when it comes to automotive work. With better tools, you can accomplish more, save money and get your vehicle in optimal shape. Of course, outfitting your garage with state-of-the-art equipment might cost a few dollars, so it pays to buy from a reputable source and research the features you need. A quality engine lift falls into the category of essential equipment for ambitious mechanics. 

The Importance of Safety

With the weight of an automotive engine weighing between 300 and 700 pounds, you need a safe way to lift this chunk of metal safely. Using unsafe methods or trying to lift the engine with the help of a friend or two could result in a strained back or a broken finger or two. A good engine hoist gives you the ability to lift an engine for repair or replacement and to lower the finished product right back into the engine compartment.  When looking for the right lift, you should consider established brands such as the following:

  • JEGS
  • Dorman Products
  • OTC Tools
  • Sunex

As for features, look for units constructed with high-strength steel and that have wheels for easy maneuverability. A selection of attachments and adapters will increase the versatility of the hoist, allowing you to do more. You can find a quality hoist for a few hundred dollars or you can go all in with a supreme model that costs over $1,000. Your lower back will thank you.

The Power of Value

No matter what tools you need to complete your garage, make sure you consider quality. This will ensure the component you purchase will last and do the job. A good camshaft kit expands the powers of your DIY operation or your commercial operation and allows you to tackle more complex engine jobs. You can expect to spend upwards of several hundred dollars for a kit made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

The main purpose of a camshaft and lifter kit involves better performance for your engine. Over time camshafts and lifters become pitted and worn, resulting in reduced performance. To avoid this degradation, regular maintenance and replacement of these components will optimize the performance of your engine.

The Advantage of Quality

To keep your vehicle in stellar shape, you need quality parts from your tires all the way to the top of your auto. When looking to upgrade your tires, drag radials have some solid benefits. They increase performance, add traction and reduce tire spin. Along with racing tires, drag slick tires, street-legal drag tires and appropriate accessories, the best products will take seconds off your racing times.

To get the best, select from trusted brands such as Mickey Thompson, Nitto, Hoosier, M&H, Goodyear and more.  Depending upon your goals, you can find good racing tires for around $300 to $500 a set or you can spend more for professional quality tires.

No matter your automotive needs, look for safety, value and performance. Shop now and find the best deals for your needs.