(Last Updated On: March 23, 2023)


Virtual maintenance training solutions have emerged as a reliable answer to the ever-growing need for safe training alternatives for defense personnel. The defense industry has welcomed virtual maintenance training solutions to tackle the uncertainty and unpredictability that a battleground offers, preparing soldiers to handle high-pressure situations with the presence of mind. 

Traditional maintenance training solutions utilize actual equipment, which can be costly and equally dangerous. Additionally, gaining first-hand experience is paramount for soldiers to make quick decisions when exposed to unprecedented situations. This is where Virtual maintenance training solutions bridge this training gap with realistic training experiences.

Virtual maintenance training solutions provide efficient training and operational support. These solutions minimize the risk of potential damage to complex machinery and industrial equipment. 

VE Studio® Benefits For The DoD

The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® pioneers the virtual maintenance training industry due to its proven database architecture, development processes, and productivity tools that are available to customers right out of the box.

VE Studio® combines development workflow best practices with innovative tools and components, making building complex virtual training applications more accessible, faster, and less expensive.

Let us look at the benefits of DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions.

  • First-Hand Training Experience

The DiSTI Corporation is the leading provider of virtual maintenance training solutions. DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions for the defense industry offer trainees much-needed first-hand experience.

Where most training ranges fail to offer training opportunities that deliver a real-life first-hand experience, DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions enable soldiers to train in battle-like situations under complete safety.

Leveraging the prowess of Virtual Reality, DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions elevate computer-based training to a whole new level by offering personnel an opportunity to interact with actual machinery. DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions enable personnel to train in a safe, controlled environment with fully immersive, multi-user experiences.

  • Complex, Scalable Solutions to Maintain Readiness

DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions for military customers enable their clients to streamline the effectiveness of skill transfer, improve knowledge retention and deliver the experiential training experience in real-time with data-driven applications.

The DiSTI Corporation leverages Virtual Reality technology to promote higher engagement through interaction. VE Studio® extends the capabilities of Unity to deliver a set of productivity tools to create, implement and monitor interactive training scenarios. 

DiSTI’s professional and virtual training development platform solutions facilitate the rapid prototyping of complex avionics displays for seamless integration into training simulators, production vehicles, and aircraft.

  • Designed For Mission-Critical Training

DiSTI’s virtual maintenance training solutions are the ideal solution that reduces costs and increases operational efficiency, especially when the training is mission-critical.

VE Studio® is the global authority used by Defense companies to build scalable virtual maintenance training applications to increase trainees’ efficiency.

  • Immersive Commercial & Military Training Applications

Create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications that can deploy to many devices.

VE Studio®’s features enable you to rapidly prototype and scale your training across an enterprise quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Cost Effective Training

Utilizing VR and AR for maintenance training dramatically reduces the training cost, as trainees acquire skills using the replicas of weapons or vehicles instead of the actual machinery. 

The replicas that virtual maintenance training solutions simulate cost less than the actual inventory.

VE Studio® for the Defense Industry

The Leading Virtual Maintenance Training Development Solution

The DiSTI Corporation’s VE Studio® is the world’s most proven development platform for creating 3D virtual training solutions and is one of the best custom virtual and augmented reality application development service providers.

As a commercial off-the-shelf solution –  VE Studio® includes powerful productivity tools and processes needed to deliver any virtual training project you have in mind today or in the future.

VE Studio® assists in developing complex, scalable training solutions to improve the skills and readiness of the warfighter while helping accelerate the creation of immersive virtual maintenance training solutions.

VE Studio® 2022.3 – What’s New?

A new and improved version of DiSTI’s industry-leading virtual maintenance training development solution, VE Studio 2022.3, has been announced. The motivation behind the development of VE Studio 2022.3 is to enhance the user experience through wired and wireless VR build targets. 

VE 2022.3 has features with elevated Virtual Reality (VR) stability, enhanced VR User Experience (UX), and improved compatibility with Unity 2021 LTS.

DiSTI strives to enhance user productivity for virtual maintenance training solution development by utilizing the latest technology in the market. DiSTI’s 2022.3 uses Unity’s OpenXR library for handling headset and controller mappings, allowing developers to seamlessly target a wide range of AR/VR devices. 

This feature makes switching headset hardware easier and switching between wired and wireless VR is a smoother experience. The latest features of VE 2022.3 are designed to prioritize customers’ needs by upscaling the user experience.

Additionally, VE 2022.3 enables developers to leverage the capability of Unity’s game engine to create more significant potential for student learning outcomes. This latest update to VE Studio® facilitates additional, updated, and more recent Unity assets in projects. VE Studio 2022.3 is now using a Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) PBR-compliant material library to upgrade the realism of 3D models.


VE Studio 2022.3 Highlights

  • Updated Unity to Unity 2021 LTS
  • Replacement of deprecated UNet library with Mirror
  • Several VR UX Improvements
  • Updates to the VE Studio project and VE Studio lesson samples
  • Oculus VR headset testing
  • Refined lighting optimizations
  • Addition of PBR Materials library


The DiSTI Corporation is a pioneer in virtual maintenance training solutions. Through their expertise and Since 1994, their software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of the student experience for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military, and clientele worldwide. 

DiSTI delivers highly scalable 3D virtual enablement solutions for maintainers, operators, and field services teams on desktop, mobile, and mixed-reality devices. DiSTI’s engineering team has recently launched VE Studio 2022.3 in the market with a new 2D menu system for VR builds. 

Existing VE Studio® customers who want to inquire about updating their current version of VE Studio® should contact [email protected]. For individuals seeking to learn more about VE Studio® and the solutions provided by DiSTI, please reach out to [email protected]