(Last Updated On: March 24, 2024)

A diamond is a gemstone that is really precious and adored by everyone. Having a diamond ring or any ornament can be a dream for everyone. However, a diamond ring is very popular for weddings or engagements. Diamonds are available in different colors and the blue coloured diamonds are among the most precious and rarest diamonds.

Blue diamonds are very unique and not found easily. Most of the people have never seen a blue diamond. Though they are available in the market, they hold a higher price. Blue diamonds are so rare that even many jewelers have never seen them.

The making of blue diamonds:

Just like different colored diamonds, blue diamonds are also made naturally. The formation of diamonds happens over millions of years. Into rough diamond rocks, carbon elements form diamonds under extreme heat and pressure. When carbon is compound with other elements, it forms blue colored diamonds. The bluish tint is caused by high levels of boron. However, other elements can also affect the diamond’s color. Cutting and polishing process of the diamond can also affect a diamond’s color. Blue diamonds have different tones of blue providing them immense beauty.

Different shades of blue diamond:

There are various color tones in blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are preferred with more intense color saturation. 

Some blue colored diamonds look so pale and do not look appealing if they are small. However, pale blue diamonds look very beautiful in larger sizes. Pale blue diamonds are also called ‘Aquas’.

Green tinge is also available in blue diamonds. However, it is not very popular like other color tones. These are not in demand as buyers mostly like pure blue shades which are very attractive.

Apart from these, there are several other color tones in blue diamonds. These include light, very light, fancy, fancy light, dark, intense, vivid and deep. Blue diamonds are also available in some color combinations such as blue-grey and green-blue.

The intensity of the blue color depends on the amount of Boron in the diamond.

Price of blue diamonds:

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and valuable than other colored diamonds. However, the price is determined according to the color, intensity, cut, clarity and size of the diamond. A very small blue diamond can be bought for a few thousand dollars, but a large one can cost millions. You can say that a diamond collection is incomplete without a blue diamond.

Why are blue diamonds popular for engagement rings?

Colored diamonds are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Blue colored diamonds are becoming more popular among brides as they provide a very impressive look. Blue diamonds are scratch resistant and durable, thus they are an ideal choice for brides. The spark and fire of the blue diamond is unmatchable. It makes a perfect centerpiece stone for engagement rings. Blue diamonds represent purity and faith, and a symbol of true love.

It is said that blue diamonds have miraculous power to solve any dispute and remove any negative energy. It makes a perfect option for engagement rings because it will show that you value your relationship a lot.

Though blue diamonds are quite expensive, you can also find lab-grown blue diamonds at different stores. They are quite economical, yet a natural blue diamond and a man-made blue diamond can not be easily distinguished through a naked eye.

Engagement ring setting:

  • Halo

You can surround the blue diamond with other smaller diamonds providing it a wonderful look. It will also increase the diamond carat weight.

  • Tension setting

Center and front stage placement will make the blue diamond look beautiful and attractive.

  • Three tone setting

When you add colorless diamonds with blue diamonds, it makes the blue color more visible. It also provides a wonderful frame finish to the bride’s fingers.

Where to buy blue diamonds?

Because blue colored diamonds are extremely rare, you can not find them in any jewelry shop or online store. You can not distinguish a natural blue diamond from a lab-grown blue diamond, so you must choose a platform which is reliable and trustworthy. Kay Jeweler is a wonderful place where you can buy a blue diamond ring at an economical price. You can buy a blue diamond ring from them and you will surely love the quality. So don’t miss the chance and buy a perfect diamond ring in blue color from Kay Jeweler.