(Last Updated On: August 28, 2023)

The knowledge of how many square feet in an acre and what is the correlation between these two options, allows quickly transform them and navigate confidently among various numbers. In addition, it’s worth understanding the historical roots of these units, as well as their modern prospects and utilization. The fact is, they do not belong to the standard system but are still used and popular in some countries.

Evaluation of the area: history and interesting facts

Foot as a unique tool for distance evaluation was created in England in the 16th century. Its definition stated that it was equal to 1/16 of the total length of the left feet of sixteen people coming out of the church on Sunday morning. This technical solution was truly ingenious for its time since the feet of sixteen randomly selected people had quite different lengths and such an average approach improved the accuracy of determination.

The local mathematicians later supported this idea. One of them even proposed to determine a foot as the total width of sixty-four barley grains. This approach also increased the accuracy of the reproduction of this value and provided the possibility to utilize it more widely.

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As for the square foot (ft²), it is utilized for area evaluation and is still quite popular in the UK and other English-speaking countries, especially those that were colonies of Great Britain. One such unit covers the area of a square with 1-foot-long sides. The latter is approximately equal to 0.33 yards, 12 inches or 0.3048 meters. Thus, it can be transformed into any other option, including the standard ones.

As for the acres, they were long ago introduced as the area that was covered by a peasant with oxen per day. Of course, such a definition was quite approximate. Thus, an International Agreement of 1959 determined it as 4046.8564224 m².

Modern acre stays a non-metric option for land evaluation that is popular in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. It is often utilized for trade and even for land registration. Therefore, sq ft to acre transformation is common in these regions and such a task may arouse in daily life quite easily.

How to transform square feet to acres?

To perform a sq ft in acre transformation, we have to first understand how many square feet in an acre are. Scientists have found the correlation between these two units, so we can rely on their decision and keep in mind the following information:

  • an acre corresponds to 43560 ft²;
  • a square foot is a 1/43560 part of it.

Thus, when we face a task to transform sf to acres, we can both divide the given number by 43560 or multiply it by 0.000022957. The latter option is just a result of the 1/43560 division. Let’s consider as an example transformation of 5000 ft². It will be done via the following equations:

5000 / 43560 = 0.114784206 or 5000 x 0.000022957 = 0.114784206

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