(Last Updated On: June 30, 2022)

Ignoring your computer’s upkeep and maintenance can have odd consequences. Picture this, you are about to start a gaming session with your buddies. Your PC is connected to your Spectrum TV for best results. But your PC starts lagging all of a sudden. The result: facepalm, frustration, anger!

Keeping your computer healthy can help you with your digital tasks. If you think that the upkeep and maintenance are overwhelming then stop worrying. It is not. You won’t be needing to invest in expensive resources or spend a lot of time. Here’s how to keep your computer up and running:

Don’t Install Unnecessary Files 

Oftentimes, a computer stops working due to a memory clog. This is because of all the unnecessary files that consume the memory of the system. You may have heard people talk about how they’re unable to start their computer. Oftentimes, the root cause of the problem is an unnecessary program. Every time you install new software or program, it uses the existing space on your hard drive.

Most people install programs from the internet without realizing the consequences of these unauthorized installations. Installing random programs can expose your computer machine to viruses and malware. It is advisable to install as few programs as possible. Moreover, you can test programs on a secondary machine instead of your personal computer.

Install Software from Verified Sources

There are two takeaways from this. The first one is that you should install the right software. This means that no unneeded installations and programs. The second one is that you should install authentic software from verified sources. If you use a Windows or a Mac machine, download your programs from their respective application stores. Installing programs from unauthorized sources can corrupt your system with viruses and malware.

Get an Antivirus Software

Antivirus tools detect and remove malicious content from computer systems. They provide added security against malware. Installing antivirus software can protect your computer against cyber-attacks and information security theft. It is advisable to activate your PC’s firewall and install antivirus software. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. They prevent downloads from an untrusted network. Moreover, you should update both antivirus and firewall regularly. Both these utilities can enhance the security of your computer.

Don’t Forget to Install Updates 

This one’s a must. Whether you use Windows or Mac, you should regularly install updates. Most computer systems are programmed for auto-updates. However, it is advisable to run a manual check for the latest updates. Updates often come with enhanced protection measures. These tools can prevent powerful viruses from damaging your system. Make sure you update all your devices like smartphones and tablets regularly.

Run a System Check 

Running a system check on your computer machine can help you identify programs you don’t need. You can run an automatic scan or search through the system manually. Think of the method as an inventory check. You can go to Control Panel and view the programs installed on your computer. Remove any program you think is no longer needed. These unwanted programs can take a lot of your hard drive space. Select any program you wish to uninstall and click on the remove or uninstall button.  

Defrag Your Hard Drive

Your hard drive is the hardest worker in your system. You may not realize it, but you’re using it every time you switch on your computer. You use it to access different programs and store different files. However, there’s no particular order to how files are saved on a hard drive. Your hard drive will store the files in empty spaces (created whenever you delete a file). This means that data is stored in pieces throughout your system.  

It is advisable to defrag your hard drive regularly to keep it up and running. You can defrag it after every month if you use your computer occasionally. On the other hand, you should go for weekly defragments if you use your computer regularly.  

Clean the Air Vents 

Many people like to decorate their computer machines with paper and sticky notes. Papers and stickies can block the air vents. Your computer relies on air vents for internal cooling. This ensures that it performs all tasks at optimal levels. Moreover, it is advisable to clean your machine with a dryer after several months.