(Last Updated On: March 16, 2023)

Website translation and website localization go  in parallel dimensions.This is the reason that people are confused between them. Let’s remove the confusion. Website translation is altering the language of the website to the language of the target market. On the other hand website localization is a step ahead of translation. It is part of a website translation. However, in the localization process, cultural and regional nuances are taken care of. 

Importance of Website Translation and localization 

Website is the first interaction of the potential customers with your business. People will take interest in your company’s product and services if they are translated into a language that customer understands. According to the report by CSA, 76% of online customers prefer to buy products and services with information in their native language. Website translation services are one part of website localization. 

What is Website Localization?

Website localization is a translation of the website. However, it keeps cultural and regional intricacies in know in the translation process. For instance, the jargon used in every country is different. Moreover, the currency, time zone, and political system of every region are different. To resonate the website with these changes is called website localization services. With the help of localization services, companies can tailor their products and services according to customers’ preferences and on other hand, people can understand products and services in a better way. 

What is App Localization?

In this era of digitalization, mobile proliferation is more than before. Therefore to get the advantage of mobile proliferation, many companies have integrated mobile apps with websites. The advantage of this integration is that people can open the website of the company on their mobile no matter where they are. Just like website localization, app localization services are also very important. It helps in adapting the user interface for different target markets 

In the app localization process, every part of the user interface whether, it is graphics or app store descriptions, they are altered according to the cultural preferences of the target market. 

Why Localize App?

We all know that English is Lingua Franca. But this does not mean that all people can speak English. To cater to the people that don’t speak English, you have to go for app localization services. This service not only helps in translation but also makes apps technically resonate with the target market. 

With the help of the localized app, you can expand your business across borders. Many app users cannot be reached because apps are not localized. 

Benefits of App Localization 

Let’s dive into the benefits: 

  • Penetrating the new markets: It helps in penetrating the new markets. For instance. Airbnb started its business in an apartment and has increased its coverage to 220 countries and now its an approximately worth $75B today.
  • Increases the App Engagement: Customers like the app content that is according to their preferences. They can view the website easily on the small screen of the smartphone. Thus it provides a pleasant user experience that boosts customer engagement. 
  • Increase in App Visibility and App Downloads: Studies have revealed that if the app description is in the local language then people can view the app more resulting in more downloads. 
  • Enhancing Sales: If you invest in localization services then it will increase your share in the market no matter which country you enter. Fortune 500 companies have enhanced their sales tremendously with the help of translation services along with localization. 

Tapping into New Markets 

For tapping into new markets, you have to integrate the subsidiary with the head office. Here comes the requirement of the software. The software can help in the integration of the head office with the subsidiary. For this purpose, some companies develop the softwares themselves with the help of the IT department whereas other buy it. To make it resonate with the foreign office, professional software localization services are required. They help in the smooth communication between the two offices that are far away. 

Some Important Things to Remember

One of the important ways for tapping into any market is, to speak to them in their native language. Here translation services along with localization can play an important role. 

  • The localization method changes the date and time format of the website or app according to the local market. 
  • Colors have different connotations in each culture. For example, red is an auspicious color in Asia where as it is a sign of mourning in South Africa. Green depicts positivity but this color is forbidden in Indonesia. These things should be kept in mind in the localization process other wise customer can fire back. 
  • Layouts of the websites matter a lot. This is because some languages expand while others contract during the translation process. The website is to be seen on mobile apps. Therefore, the graphics and layout of the website should be designed accordingly. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether it is a website, mobile app, or software, the power of localization is that they make it resonate with the target market. Companies can integrate with subsidiaries easily. People can get information on their mobile in their native while they are on the go. The investment in localization can give your business a great boost.