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Although Windows 10 is a trustworthy operating system we can’t trust them always.  There are certain problems related to this operating system, and a little knowledge of this won’t help you to fix that problem easily. So read this article to get a better knowledge of “Common Windows 10 problems and solutions”.

If you get problems more frequently from here and there, we have some best solutions to get you back with minimum confusion.

These resolutions are very simple, but if you have any problem with them read some easy ways to solve some of the common problems that will lower the time consuming on your pc or make it less frustrating.

Space is not enough to install Windows update

Most of the time this is a general problem that faces many of us. We try to install an update but run out of space.  If you want to free up space soon, there is an easy quick way to do that. Delete some programs and files to free up space according to the capacity of the update.

If you find many unwanted programs and apps, you need to delete go to the control panel and uninstall them. And you need to free up enough space to complete the update. Then you will understand how much space the games and other apps do can take. If it still doesn’t enough, check your personal files and documents, delete the unwanted images and videos you don’t need anymore. And don’t forget to clear the recycle bin once you are done. If not, the things aren’t deleted from your device.

Receive an error code while updating

This is normal as well. You are trying to install the update, but the window keeps performing other works. You can fix this issue as well. First, run the windows update troubleshooter, restart your device and then check for any update by going to the start menu, go to settings and click update and security. Choose windows update and check for updates. If the issue is now solved, then you can head to do the installation.

The search bar and start menu are not visible

You can’t see the search bar in Windows 10? This may accidentally hide in the taskbar. To solve this problem press the Windows logo key+I and then choose the personalization, next taskbar. Click lock the taskbar, after that turn off the automatically hide the taskbar in the desktop mode option. This will unhide the taskbar, and keep you going away afterwards, giving you the ability to access the search bar once again. There are some other suggestions described in this page official Microsoft support page as well.

After the upgrade apps won’t work

Do your new downloaded app doesn’t work after the upgrade? You need to go to the Windows store to do a quick redownload. Try deleting your apps in the store and reinstall them. This will probably fix your problem and so you can work with your apps again perfectly.

Set privacy and Wi fi settings

Don’t make your wireless network open for everyone. If you are much concerned about sharing the content of your pc then don’t forget to follow these steps. To avoid sharing and showing your content of the computer to the other devices sharing the same network, go to the network settings and choose privacy settings. Continue it and choose the settings you want to keep on, so you don’t want to let your privacy be in danger.


Your printer won’t work with Windows 10?

Do you have an older printer that doesn’t work with your windows 10? Don’t worry there’s a solution for that too.  To do this you need the Windows 10 compatible app. Go to the settings, next device and then Printers and scanners. After that select Add a printer or scanner, but then your printer isn’t visible. Select the option “The printer that I want isn’t listed “. There you can choose my printer is a little older from there. Help me find it. There you will get a list of printers that you can select your printer from. After that select next and name your printer, click next until you get a screen with “Print a test page”. You can proceed to work when the printer starts to pop up with that test page.

Your files will open in another apps in Windows 10

If your files keep opening in another app do follow these steps to fix them. Go to the start button, choose apps, then default apps. Then navigate to select the default apps by file type. Find the file extension you want to change up, and next choose the app you want to open your file.  If you don’t find the relevant program you want, then select the default instead. After that, you should be able to open the file with the correct program to move forward.

Getting too many notifications

Do you get too many notifications unnecessarily? You can fix it, so as not to disturb your work. Press the start menu and go to settings. Then go to system, notification, and actions. There you can select the notification you want to receive and turn off the notifications you don’t need. And even you can turn on windows tips and turn them off if you want.

If your computer boots up in safe mode

This is not a big issue to concern. it’s another distinctive mode in your computer which will help you to fix problems in normal use. It’s a specific method to troubleshoot your computer to identify the reason if your computer doesn’t work. To boot your computer in safe mode, hold the F5 or F8 when your computer is starting up and select it from the boot menu. If the computer doesn’t start normally, then it will start in safe mode. If so, no need to worry, just restart or uninstall the software you installed. but if the problem persists, then you need to get help from professional assistance.

Additional tips

Use the eBook “windows 10: Secrets tips for busy people”. Even you have used windows for years there are so many things to learn about the operating system.  This eBook is composed of so many tricks and tips to make you efficient and productive, to make your work easy.

Thus, if you have any questions about this article on “Common Windows 10 problems and solution” leave a message in the comment section, we will help you.

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