how to check whether phone is rooted or not


how to check whether phone is rooted or not

when you root your smart phone, You should know whether it was actually rooted. There two options to know this. one is SupperSu and second one is, by using third party application

If you done this successfully, then there is a app called “SupperSu” . It means, You have done it successfully 🙂

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You can also check root status by this App. Download and install and Verify check then app will Show you, your status. 



Note– Top 10 Root Apps for Android

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4 Replies to “how to check whether phone is rooted or not”

  1. Hi,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 ek-gc 200 digital camera. Recently, I took photos that are missing. They’re not in any of my back up photo apps or files. I tried various apps like Es File Explorer to scan my file photos but they’re still missing. My camera is rooted and I don’t have a computer. Would I have to unroll my camera to recover my missing photos? And is there another option than unrootin g my camera since I don’t have a computer. But I do have a wifi connection.



  2. My device has been rooted but I do not see the SUPERSU app did not appear is it normal? my phone is a Galaxy Prime core G360T.

    The only problem I keep having frequently is the device’s security feature where it keeps popping up an “Unauthorized actions have been detected restart your device to undo any unauthorized changes” and I do however it tries to go into recovery to fix it but then it boots again and back to homescreen and the issue keeps coming up.

    I got the root checker app and it says my device is rooted however I still feel like my phone is not fully rooted since I cannot disable or uninstall the SMART manager feature since thats the culprit in getting all those annoying pop up messages that mess with my lock homescreen not be able to seen certain features and messing up a few phone usages on my phone.

    Not to mention that all security protection apps such as look out do not work, what would you suggest?

  3. Hi,

    I have a Gakaxy S5 mini SM-G800H build id kot49h.g800hxxu1angf.
    After followed all the steps with Odin and received PASS message I checked the status and is still Unrooted.
    What should I do in this case, should follow Build ID number not phone model?


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