(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

The subject of car safety is not the top priority for most college students since they belong to wild and young drivers who want to play their music loud and have fun as they drive. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is a part of college culture, which is why the best way to keep things safe is to address the way we approach things. While you can buckle up and avoid responding to all the smartphone alerts, it is essential to follow the rules and stay calm no matter what because it is what makes a good driver first of all! One should remember about following these basic rules even when sitting in someone else’s car because if you discuss car safety tips with your friends or parents, it may save your lives. Although we all say that we know what to do and what things to avoid, take your time to explore the basic tips because a good car safety reminder always helps!

Car Safety Tips For College Students

Even if you are going to drive in the countryside with no cars or want to get your vehicle next to your friend’s house, always wear your seat belt. It only takes a minute to buckle up but it may save your life and the people in your car. Do not think that a frontal airbag will keep you safe anyway because the seat belt is meant for keeping you secure in your car as the force of a crash is way more than most drivers imagine. The same relates to keeping everyone in the car buckled up and using the child’s seat if you have kids or younger siblings.

– Avoid Distracting Apps.

Do not use your phone as you drive and do not respond to all these social media alerts. It is always good to keep your alerts silent as you follow the map. If it is something urgent, keep your mobile headset and set voice messages that send an automatic response to let the caller know that you are driving.

– Know Your Vehicle Well.

It’s always good to know how to maintain your car and what pros and cons are there. You must know your car and be able to service it on your own. Check your tires and the battery, check your engine oil, and learn what can be maintained on your own if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere or when you leave home late at night. Keep your car service manual in your phone, yet don’t forget to keep a separate charger with a power block in case your battery may run out.

– Install Self-Service Solutions.

Do not forget that you can keep all the alerts via your phone when something is going wrong or you need to call the service. Take a look at the best maintenance apps for cars to learn about what they can do. It is also good for novice drivers who would like to use an interactive map and have voice alerts that will help them stay safe. While it will not teach you how to avoid depending on other drivers, you will have an alert when there’s a service nearby, a gas station, or when you must speed down in case you have a car safety concern.

– Use Your Signals.

Do not forget to use signals to drive safely and keep yourself safe both as a driver, as a cyclist, or even when you are a pedestrian. Unfortunately, some college students ignore the rules and forget that using signals will help to explain what you are going to do. For example, when you want to provide a relevant turn signal, it should be at least 100 ft when you are planning to turn or change the lanes. It is always possible to consult the rules or take a simple car safety lesson to refresh your driving skills.

– Check Your Lights Twice.

Remember that your hazard lights should always function right and be checked at least weekly. It will ensure that you are safe. The purpose here is to alert people if your car has malfunctioned or if you need assistance. The same relates to your headlights. Just walk around your vehicle and ensure that both lights are bright enough. If you have any concerns, always contact your car repair service immediately!

– Think Safety First.

It is something you should learn as a college student just the same way as when you are writing an assignment. There are always rules to follow, a special mindset that must be obeyed to the letter. As you drive, you should not be multitasking. The rule of thumb is to keep your attention focused on a road (it is one of the reasons why some people listen to the radio to keep the distractions away). Speaking of college challenges that often make college students speed up, consider TopWritersReview to meet every deadline and save some time as you learn. When you are calm and avoid keeping yourself exhausted, your coordination skills will improve, thus increasing your safety as you drive a car.

The Five Minutes Factor

Since the talk goes to college students, one should remember about always staying sober when driving a car, even if it is only a five minutes drive around the campus or driving just a few blocks away. When you have a beer or have been partying, do not ever start the engine and do not let your friends drive when they are not sober. It does not matter if there are no people around, and you are the only person in the driveway. Do not let this “five minutes factor” affect you! Do not let the hype kick in because it is not what makes a person cool or popular. Keep up with your rules and be the example of car safety because once someone gets hurt, it is too late to think!