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At all times, students have had difficulties in their studies. But only in the current century, there are services and applications that quickly and accurately help you to understand the study material and not to buy descriptive essays, for example. There are 9 apps in our collection that will make studying at university easier for you:

This program allows you quickly and conveniently create a schedule of classes. The application is designed in a diary format and allows you to keep an actual class schedule on your smartphone, as well as record details of subjects and teachers, type of classes and their duration, and other information that can be used for self-organization and planning. With Timetable, you can add and manage homework, remind yourself of upcoming classes and set the phone to silent mode during lessons. The timetable is easy to use with color-coded schedules, synchronization between different devices, and built-in widgets that can be displayed on your Android home screen.

  • Photomath (Android, iOS)

The app for solving math problems using your smartphone camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Using this mobile assistant is very easy: it’s enough to point the camera at a mathematical problem and PhotoMath will immediately give the answer and provide a detailed step-by-step solution. The program can recognize not only the printed text but also handwritten text, as well as make edits to scanned formulas and equations. PhotoMath can build graphs, solve linear, quadratic, and trigonometric equations, and solve problems with roots, moduli, powers, fractions, integrals, factorials, matrices, and polynomials.

  • Microsoft Math Solver (Android, iOS)

Another software product that provides help in solving problems related to arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other areas. As in the case of Photomath mentioned above, Math Solver developed by Redmond uses an OCR engine to recognize printed and handwritten texts. The solutions are accompanied not only by detailed step-by-step explanations but also by links to similar examples on the Internet and video lectures explaining the mathematical concepts involved in the problem in detail.

  • Coursera (Android, iOS)

A mobile client for the remote education service of the same name, which cooperates with the world’s leading universities. Thanks to the wide coverage of the academic community, Coursera offers its users more than 3,900 training courses in various subject areas, ranging from exact sciences and information technology to social sciences, be it law, economics, or pedagogy. The project also allows you to study and pass official exams of such companies-vendors as Google, SAS, IBM, and many others, confirming your knowledge with a certificate of international standard. The duration of each course varies depending on its complexity and varies from 4 weeks and more.

  • Microsoft OneNote (Android, iOS)

A program for creating quick notes and organizing personal information that can equally be used in an educational environment. Using OneNote, you can create lesson and course plans, keep track of homework, write by hand, draw diagrams, make sketches, save audio and video, record lectures and interesting ideas, structure learning materials, share them with classmates and work together on thesis and research projects. Thanks to the support of OCR technologies and integration with Microsoft Translator service, the program can recognize handwritten and printed texts and translate them into other languages. Synchronization of user data between different devices is supported, and password protection for notebooks with confidential information is also provided. Special mention should be made of the possibility of solving mathematical equations with a step-by-step explanation of all the stages of problem-solving out loud.

  • ABBYY FineScanner AI (Android, iOS)

Application for scanning and recognition of documents. Ideal when you need to have digitized copies of lectures, notes, essays, and other learning materials at your fingertips. FineScanner AI allows the creation of PDF- or JPG files from any printed documents. The program has built-in OCR technology, which recognizes texts in 193 languages and saves the formatting, and outputs the results to 12 popular formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF. Finished documents can be transferred to any of eight cloud storages, printed, sent by e-mail, or opened in another application to work with PDF. To scan books and magazines, FineScanner AI features BookScan, which automatically splits the photographed book spread into two pages, removes defects, straightens out the curves of lines and pages, and makes a scanned copy that can be recognized and produces an editable file.

  • SpeechTexter (Android)

A voice recorder with an on-the-fly text-to-speech conversion function, which can be of great help when recording lectures and then taking notes on training sessions. The program is based on the time-tested Cloud Speech API speech recognition technology used in Google Assistant and other products of the search giant. As a result, SpeechTexter can recognize human speech and convert it into text format. It is reported about the support of more than 60 languages and the possibility of working without connecting to the Internet. To activate the offline mode it is necessary to download the appropriate language packs in the Android settings.

  • ABBYY Lingvo (Android, iOS)

Mobile dictionary translator that allows you to quickly and accurately translate a word or phrase in a foreign language. An indispensable helper for students of all disciplines. ABBYY Lingvo can be used not only as a regular dictionary (for translating words typed on the keyboard) but also for recognizing and translating words in real-time via your smartphone camera. The program has more than 170 dictionaries for 30 languages, which you can use at any time without connecting to the Internet.

  • HandWriter (Android)

A program to translate printed text into handwritten form. HandWriter is an excellent solution for cases when it is necessary to draw up digital versions of reports, assignments, notes, or lectures in a handwritten format for the subsequent check by a teacher. HandWriter supports work with text and Word documents, imitates human handwriting, and presents the result in the form of a PDF document prepared for printing. In the application parameters, you can operate with different fonts, text size, and slant, the distance between words and lines, pen color, indentation, as well as neatness settings which allow you to create your handwriting style.

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