(Last Updated On: August 14, 2023)

Your clothes act as an outward expression of your character and interests. However, beyond that, they are so vital a possession that they are listed as one of the three most basic items a human being must own. When it comes to having a place to put clothing items, it is not uncommon to face issues with finding adequate storage for them.

One of the most prevalent desires among homeowners today is to have a large wardrobe space where they can comfortably fit all their clothes and accessories. But, unfortunately, you may also be one of those whose wish for ample space is not yet a reality. So now you have to figure out how to make do with what you already have. 

Therefore, the question now remains: how do you make the most of your tiny wardrobe to get more space?

1. Declutter.

When did you last take full, careful inventory of what you have in your wardrobe? If a significant period has passed since that examination, it may be time to look through it and make some edits. Once you have eliminated all the clothes you don’t wear any longer- be it due to age, sizing issues or style desirability- you may be surprised at how much extra room you have. 

Pro tip: if you want to enhance the benefits of decluttering your wardrobe, pile up any gently worn clothes you want to get rid of and donate them to a local charity.

2. Make some room under the hanging area.

Your wardrobe space consists of far more than the hanging rod where you place hangers. A second, more careful look will reveal plenty of room underneath where your clothes hang to fit other items. like your coats, maybe your choir robe, etc. So don’t neglect to use this free space to maximisethe available useable area. The best way to do so is by adding functional furniture pieces like a dresser or shoe rack.

3. Add shelf dividers.

If your wardrobe has some pre-installed shelving, the best way to add some space to it is by adding shelf dividers. When you rely on an organisation system alone to demarcate the area on your shelves, you risk blurring or erasing the sections altogether. In that instance, you may find that your wardrobe is more prone to being messy, and you accumulate more clutter in the process. Therefore, using shelf dividers helps you keep things more organised by creating more distinct, more defined sections. Consequently, you will have an easier time finding and keeping track of your clothes.

4. Use hooks

Take a close look at your wardrobe when everything, or most of it, is in place. If you notice any empty wall space, take it as free room perfect for hooks. Next, place individual or rows of hooks on these spots where they will act as valuable storage areas for your jewellery or belts, scarves and other accessories.

5. Use the door

You can use your wardrobe door for far more than closing the clothes within away. It may help you add valuable wardrobe space when you mount or hang a storage aid on it. There are numerous products created for that purpose, including door racks, over the door hangers, baskets and pouches or hooks. No matter which one you select, remember that ignoring your wardrobe door’s potential as additional storage space is only doing yourself a disservice.

With a bit of ingenuity and some practical measures, your tiny wardrobe does not have to be a hindrance anymore. Just use these 5 tiny wardrobe hacks to give yourself more space, and your days of woe will be numbered.