(Last Updated On: June 3, 2023)

Over the past few years, big companies like Oracle, Tesla, and Hewlett Packard Enterprises have relocated to Texas from other states. Moreover, smaller businesses are also coming to Lone Star State as well because of its friendly business environment. It’s a great place to focus on growing a thriving business surrounded by loads of curious customers. It can be daunting starting your business in a new place, but Texas has you covered. Some of the other benefits that the tech companies moving to Texas can enjoy including a thriving job market, loads of work opportunities, and all-around fun things to do throughout the state.

Favorable regulations

The state does not hinder business growth because the regulations are straightforward, reasonable, and predictable. This makes both new and established businesses thrive. In addition, the state offers competitive incentives to businesses that will not only create employment opportunities but also support innovation in the region. So, you don’t have to worry about if you’re breaking any rules when you’re just trying to start. You can put that focus on the future and success of your business. 

There is access to global markets.

The state is centrally situated within the United States, and there are major railroads, highways, and interstates that pass through it. Furthermore, it has fourteen international airports spread throughout the state. Therefore, the state has a very advanced transport system that enables products to be transported across the state, country, or world easily. Moreover, its central location reduces the commuting time of executives who previously used a lot of money and time traveling from one coast to another for business purposes. Texas is a great tourist destination, meaning people are walking around curious about all these growing businesses.

There is no personal income tax.

Businesses in the state can easily recruit top talent from across the country by using the incentive of lack of personal income tax. This means that potential employees who are relocating to the state from high-income states like New York will get a pay rise from the lack of individual income tax. Which is a great incentive to get people to look for other work opportunities in Texas. Therefore, millennials or other people who work for start-ups in the state can use the extra cash in their paychecks to save for a downpayment on a home or to pay off college debts. You can start working on achieving your big goals when you work in Texas.

There is the availability of a skilled labor force.

The Lone Star State has one of the biggest, highly educated, and most hardworking workforces in the US. For instance, there are major universities which are situated throughout the state, and they include Rice University in Houston, Baylor in Waco, and Southern Methodist in Dallas. In addition, there are numerous community colleges in small and large cities. Therefore, if your business needs an accountant, a software engineer, a lawyer, a marketing director, or any other skilled professional, you will easily find them in the state. There are so many business opportunities readily available in Texas, which can give future businesses the head start they needed.

There is huge population growth.

Within the last fifteen years, the population in the Lone Star State has grown more than any other state in the United States. This means that you will access a wide pool of clients and many skilled and experienced potential employees. The state is filled with loads of hard workers searching for their next job opportunity. It would be beneficial to companies and businesses to start where there are people ready to work. Which will save you stress and time when it comes to looking around for skilled and trusted employees.

Good quality of life

In the state, there is a low cost of living, a lot of indoor and outdoor entertainment activities, a diverse and vibrant cultural scene, and other amenities that enable everyone to live a comfortable life. There are loads of parks to walk around in if you want to be out in nature. The cities are filled with fun activities that everyone can enjoy, especially if you have a family. Even concert venues that are typically stacked with well-known artists are throughout the state. 


Many businesses are relocating to Lone Star State because it has a very business-friendly environment. In addition, it has favorable business regulations, it is centrally located and has access to global markets and there is availability of skilled labor and customers. Furthermore, in the state, there is no personal income tax and there is good quality of life. It is also filled with people who are looking for their next gig. These are strong incentives that would make any future business owner or company happy to hear.