In this age of digital, portable audio devices have become useful as digital items. These electronic gadgets are getting smarter day by day. By following this trend, audio devices are also demanded with portability features.

In fact, these personal audio devices facilitate the user to get benefits from the devices properly. The great audio quality provides the user with stronger communication. 

From a business perspective, the demand for portable devices is rising and the buyer’s main concern is the audio quality. 

Due to the versatile range of audio devices and their uses, there is high demand. Businesses with wholesale portable audio devices can make huge profits.

The wholesale electronics products business can add these devices to make an addition to gather a larger audience. In simple words, anyone can make business with portable audio devices due to rising demand. But I need the right strategy. 

We have gathered some suppliers that are ready to serve the portable audio devices demand in the USA.  

Before we jump to the suppliers, let’s take a review of different types of portable audio devices. 

Every device that is used for audio assistance falls into this category.  Like: 

  • Portable Speakers: Portable speakers are available in almost every home. Other than the entertainment factors they are used in business in several ways.
  • Headphones: Headphones are another widely used item. From home to office, these are for entertainment, communication, working, etc. 
  • Portable Media Player: A media player is also a portable audio device that is used to listen to music and there is no need for any other device.
  • Portable Radio: Portable radio is made for people who are addicted to radio programs daily. the smaller devices can be carried out anywhere. 
  • Portable CD Player: Portable CD Player allows the user to play a video and listen to the content that is available in it. 

Similar to these devices, many others are available in the market. Now check the following options to buy portable audio devices

  • Voice comm

Voice comm is a great name for the supply of digital gadgets. A wide and recent collection of the products is the secret of their success. There are several categories of products.

Speakers, Air Pods, handsfree, and other categories have a variety of audio portable devices. These products are available with top electronic brands. 

  • KIKO Wholesale Groupe 

It is one of the top supplies for wholesale electronic products. They specifically deal in mobile and tablets fields and every related accessory.

The wholesale buyers get access to several portable audio devices like speakers, earbuds, headphones, etc. Not only the quality of products but due to the excellent customer’s service, you will visit their store again. 

  • Galaxy Audio 

Galaxy audio was established in 1977 by providing the customers with concert sound assistance. With time they expanded their business and now they have great quality for several audio devices. 

A wide collection of microphones, earbuds, media players, speakers, microphones is available along with the sound solution. So, galaxy audio is the full package for any audio solution.

  • Mega Goods inc. 

Mega goods are another distributor of consumer electronics. They deal in every category and innovative products. They have the recent portable design of audio products. Both for using separately or connecting purpose audio devices are available at reasonable rates.

  • BenzDealz

We found another good name for business-to-business dealing. They complete a range of electronic products. 

Among the huge collection of wholesale electronic products, audio devices can be acquired at a reasonable rate. They will serve quality wholesale portable audio devices with top brands of the world.


We have tried to make the list with the best suppliers for wholesale portable audio devices. The online wholesale platform will provide several options of suppliers for the wholesale portable audio devices. For the best selection, critically analyze all the options. 

What will be your choice for buying wholesale portable audio devices?  Must share your opinion with a reason. It will be assistance for others who are going to buy these electronic products.