Whatapp Tricks and Tips

Whatapp Tricks and Tips-Whatapp is the most popular method For Chat with friends nowadays. Already there are 400 million active users. in this post we try to teach you some tricks and tip on Whatapp.  We think that will help you.   So see Whatapp Tricks and tips


  • How to Hide “Last Seen” on whatapp

Go to WhatApp, Head to Settings –> Accounts –> Privacy –> Previous Seen.
Select nobody or select one option
If you select Nobody, then anyone can’t see your “last seen”


———–You must Know these tricks on android————-

  • How to Backup Whatapp

What is Backup? How to get all messages? And all other importon thing- Go to this Link


·        Hide ones WhatApp Profile Picture (DP)

Settings –> Accounts –>  Privacy –> Profile photo–> Select one Option (Every one, My contact, Nobody)

·        Block Someone on Whatapp

Settings — >  Accounts –> Privacy –> Blocked Contacts –> Ad Number for Block

If you want to unblock  then remove the number from this list

How to recover Whatapp messages

·        Secure /Lock Your Whatapp

You have to use Third party app. I recommend this App. Go this Link

You can lock whatapp using Numbers,Letters,Patterns

·        Create Shortcuts With regard to Important Contacts

Tap and hold which you want to get Home Screen. Then it will Create shortcut contact icon on your screen

·         Stop Images Videos automatically downloading


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Settings –> Accounts –> Chats and Calls –> Media auto-download –> Select options as you want