(Last Updated On: November 18, 2022)

Not all diamond drill bits are made equal. They are found in hundreds of different varieties, bond types, and manufacturing methods. It is essential for the user to understand the diamond drill bit, its intended application and its benefits.

The guide below is designed to help diamond drilling users of all experience levels, from novices to experienced professionals. It is better to know the numerous variables that play a crucial part in the success of your diamond drilling procedure.

After reading this blog, you will have a holistic view of diamond drilling, such as what a diamond bit is, how it works, types of drill bits and their benefits, which will help you make intelligent decisions. Each diamond drill bit is designed for a specific application and reacts differently under different conditions. What may work for one application may not work for another.

What is a Diamond Core Drill Bit?

Diamond drills are made of a rotating metal cylinder with industrial-grade diamonds fixed into a soft matrix on its rim. Similar to the vein in a hole saw, they remove a cylinder of the worked material and bore out a hollow centre. Hence, it is named diamond core drills.

How Does it Work?

It has multiple power options, such as electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. The power provides energy to spin and bore through the material. During the drilling process, the soft metallic matrix wears away and exposes the brilliant diamonds to grind and remove the unwanted material. A diamond core drill deeply penetrates the material and then continues to be housed within the core tube. For instance, the circular opening at the end can recover as it piles up. It can be either operated vertically or horizontally.

Things to Consider Before Employing Diamond Core Drill Bit


The primary factor in selecting a diamond core drill is – its application. You must consider all the job elements, mainly how many holes will be drilled by the core drill bit. Combine it with external factors like deadlines, conditions, expected outcome, production rate and profit. It is imperative to consider whether drilling is required only for a few hours a day or you require a faster-than-usual production rate; it will help you understand the choice of diamond bit affecting your project.


Have an accurate estimate of the concrete paving project. A residential project needs a different drill, while a large-scale one requires a different one. Also, it is essential to examine other factors such as provision, space, and mobility. Space is the most prominent aspect of all, as it determines the model of the drill bits.

Project Size and Transportability

The size of your project dictates the choice of the drill bit. For instance, a project that requires small patches will need a minor size bit. Additionally, transportability matters as the drill bit must fit the space you have for your project. A lightweight drill bit is easiest to transport, ideal for picking up, and accessible to load-unload, making it a desirable choice when the drill bit needs to be moved on often.

Types of Diamond Drill Bits

Metal-bonded Diamond Core Bits

If you want to use diamond drilling for hard material, metal-bonded diamond core bits are the best option for you. It comes with sintered diamonds, a combination of different hot-pressed metal alloys; This is the primary reason for achieving the perfect cutting on hard materials such as glass, granite, tile, and ceramic.

Hybrid Bonded Diamond Core Bits

The hybrid bonded diamond core bit is your best bet, where a minimum amount of polishing and chipping is required. It is best for critical projects where finishing is challenging. In addition to that, they provide a high level of drilling speed, consistency, aggressiveness, and durability.

Electroplated Diamond Core Bits

The whole producing operation using an electroplated diamond core bit is generally carried at room temperature, which can avoid diamond oxidation and degradation. It produces a faster result with minimal heat generation. However, they are better with softer materials and preserve the material’s microstructure. Please remember to never use it on metal, masonry material, or concrete, as it will reduce their durability.

Benefits of Diamond Core Bits

Suitable for Medium to Hard Formation

A diamond core drill is manufactured per the exact specification and made for various drilling jobs. They handle multiple applications, such as medium-reinforced concrete, masonry, marble, glass, concrete, and other materials. The diamond drill bit can go through the most complex material without hassle.

Easy to Use on Walls and Floors

It works best on walls and strong surface flooring because they possess incredibly high speed. Due to the increased speed and ease of making these bits cut through walls and surfaces, they are in huge demand. To top it, they produce minimal noise, keeping the environment healthy for workers.


You might have thought that as diamonds are used in making diamond bits, they must be expensive, and it is not entirely a wrong impression. Still, compared to ordinary drill bits, the durability of these drill bits makes them a more cost-effective option in the long run.


It creates minimal noise, debris and dust, making it one of the most eco-friendly drilling sites and suitable for health.


Diamond drilling machines can execute the drilling operations via remote control. It means that if the drilling has to be done in a risky area, it will be beneficial to have automated drilling equipment.


Drills fitted with diamond bits are portable and lightweight, ensuring they can be carried out anywhere. Underwater drilling and drilling in confined spaces have become easier using diamond drilling techniques. Remote-controlled machines are also the most convenient and flexible means of drilling through any desired material.


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