In this era, isn’t it so difficult to raise a child with good moral values?

Islamic education can play a vital role in this case. You know, Islam is not just a faith, it’s a lifestyle. Islamic studies will not only teach you how to worship Allah, but it will also teach you how to talk, eat, think, and do everything in your daily life. The study promotes peace and harmony in a society.

Because of this, Islamic schools in Dhaka and other divisions have become more popular day by day in Bangladesh. The best Islamic school in Dhaka teaches general studies like a normal school and morality.

But some of you may be confused about whether Islamic education really has a positive impact on our society or not.

Well, we’ll tell the benefits of Islamic schooling more precisely today.

The Benefits of Islamic Studies in Our Society

Here, we’ll mention a few points that show the advantages of Islamic studies. Check them out at a glance.

Develop Well Behaved Children

Religious study encourages children to apply religion in their everyday lives. They respect and obey parents and teachers. Usually, children who start learning about religion at an early age tend to be more well-mannered than others. 

They become humble and possess good moral behavior because of the knowledge of Islam. This is why they become a responsible adult later.

Grow More Wisdom

Nowadays, it’s very tough to control children. You know, the negative use of the mobile, internet or others has a very bad impact on society. It damages social value.

And you know what’s more concerning?

We all have easy access to technology, and you can’t always monitor your child. So, your children won’t stop any negative use unless they realize it for themselves.

Fortunately, Islamic education has a positive influence in this case. It helps students to gain more spiritual wisdom as they already know which is bad and which is good.

Ultimately the children who have good moral values can respect social values and develop a good society.

Made A Selfless Society

Islam is a beautiful culture that encourages people to help others. So in a world where everyone is busy about their own, Islamic study can show a true way of life and make a better society.

So far, you can definitely understand the great impact of Islamic education on our society. But you might think now that general studies also improve moral values. So, why should you prefer Islamic studies over it?

Okay, let’s see

Why Should You Choose Islamic Schooling Instead of General Line?

The below points will state some facts that help you to make your decision.

Islamic Schools Teach All The Things That A General School Teaches

The academic program of both schools is almost similar. Islamic schools cover the same topics. As a result, students won’t suffer any educational loss.

They Provide An Ideal Environment to Muslim Students

These schools offer an ideal environment where Muslim children can learn and live in Islam. A typical school is not very ideal in this case.

A Student Will Become Good at The Arabic Language

You know the Islamic education is based on the Al-Quran and Hadith. Because of this, along with Bangla and English, students also become fluent in the Arabic language.

Well, these are the facts that keep Islamic Schools a few steps ahead of general schools. Now, you might be thinking about which is the Islamic school will be good for your child.

Take a look at the following section. You will find a guideline there.

How to Pick Up The Best Islamic School For Your Child?

A good Islamic educational institute should possess the following qualifications.

Firstly, they should have a better or equivalent academic program to a top-notch institution. As a result, your child will be well prepared for higher studies.

Secondly, the school should be well stuffed and should contain sufficient facilities to provide a dynamic learning environment.

Along with these, a friendly environment, good administration, and qualified teachers are also important.

So before selecting a school for your child, make sure these things are okay.

Anyway, hopefully, you don’t have any more questions left regarding this topic. Let’s conclude here.


What is the role of Islamic education in our society? We hope you already get the answer clearly. In this write-up, we’ve also tried to explain all the ins and outs.

So, now you definitely know that Islamic education is surely the best for raising well-mannered children who can take responsibility to make a better society.