(Last Updated On: February 22, 2022)

Over the past few years, applicants for the IBPS Bank PO exam have multiplied, leading to stiff competition for all interested candidates. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers (IBPS PO) Exam comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Candidates must know the IBPS Bank PO job profile and responsibilities related to it, well in advance. Candidates who will be appearing for the IBPS PO 2022 exam can go through this article to know what is the job performed by the IBPS PO, their roles and responsibilities as well as their scope of promotion.

IBPS PO Work Profile

When a candidate is hired as a Probationary Officer through IBPS PO or another competitive examination, they must initially serve a two-year probationary period (that varies across different Public Sector Banks). BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the sources that will provide you with more knowledge about the IBP PO exam. You can visit the  website to know more about the IBPS PO exam.

Here are some of the works that are performed by IBPS POs.

  • Probationary officers and managers in banks oversee regular branch activities such as maintenance and customer they are dealing with.
  • The work responsibility of a probationary officer in a Public sector bank is to handle public relations, regulate and keep track of branch activities and tasks, address customer-related issues and grievances, approve and observe daily transactions of branches and customers, and handle loan processing.
  • An assistant manager is expected to multitask and double-check the work of office staff on a regular basis. They must also be aware of the policies and decisions established by management in order to put them into effect for the branch’s seamless operation.

Growth Opportunity for IBPS PO

After being chosen for the position of Probationary Officer, a candidate is promoted to Assistant Manager through an internal examination, as previously discussed. As part of the promotion process, these banks conduct internal examinations at regular intervals. Apart from internal tests, seniority decides whether or not a person is promoted. A probationary officer’s career path begins with the position of Assistant Manager, followed by promotions to the following positions:

Designation Probationary Officers holds (PO) in banks

The Assistant Manager (AM) on Probation designation is included in the IBPS PO work profile. They are known as Scale 1 Officers or Assistant Managers since they are Junior Management Grade-1 (JMG-Scale 1) Officers.

Probationary Officer’s First Assignment (PO)

If a candidate is chosen as a Probationary Officer, they will participate in a 10- to 20-day induction training programme at one of the bank’s Management Training Academies. Training lasts a significant period of time depending on the bank. A PO can be sent anywhere in India after completing their acceptance preparation in Administration Preparing Institutes, as the advantage of a Government Bank Officer is an all-India benefit.

Probationary Period Duration

The probation term is usually two years long, during which the officer is exposed to a variety of banking-related tasks. The term may be limited to a year in some banks. It varies from bank to bank. For example: In an Indian bank, the first phase lasts six months, the second six months, and the third phase lasts one year.

At some time during the probation period, the officials or probationers may be assigned to common transfers or deputations. When the officer’s probation period is over, he or she is confirmed as an Assistant Manager and assigned to a permanent position. Some banks are now appointing officers as Deputy Managers immediately following confirmation, assuming they pass the bank’s test.

Probationary Officers’ (PO) Role in Banks

POs are talented young officers with a strong desire to work faster and achieve better than their peers.Here are the characteristics of an IBPS PO job profile:

  • Multitasking
  • Practical knowledge
  • Customer services
  • Supervision of clerical work
  • Loan processing

These were the IBPS PO roles and responsibilities that candidates must be aware of before applying for the job profile of a probationary officer. For more information and help with preparing for the IBPS PO exam, visit BYJU’S Exam Prep.