If you analyze the web resources of current e-commerce entrepreneurs, you can see that more and more companies are choosing PWA on Magento. In this article, we will take a closer look at PWA and Magento.

What is PWA?

First, you need to understand the terms and meanings. Let’s start with the fact that PWAs are web applications that are based on modern web technologies and provide a reliable contact with the user. Many people confuse PWA with an application, but this is not entirely true. This is a mobile version of a web resource that meets all technologies and is highly optimized and modern. Help with such developments can https://dinarys.com/pwa-development.

Main Features

Many wonder why such web applications are popular. There are reasons for everything. PWAs are so relevant because of their benefits.

First, they are very fast. In order to use such a resource, you do not need to spend time downloading it from AppStore or Google Play. They take up little space and are very simple in appearance.

The second equally important advantage is offline availability and their price. As practice shows, the development of PWA is much cheaper than the development of standard applications.

Lightweight boot process

Thanks to modern technology, the application will load even if there is no stable Internet connection.


Probably the download speed of PWA will amaze everyone. The thing is that thanks to the exchange of data over the network, users can get an instant load of the page they need.


As mentioned earlier, PWA web apps look very modern, stylish, and new. Therefore, it is first of all also an attractive appearance.

What is Magento 2 PWA Studio and what is it for?

Almost everyone has heard about the Magento CMS platform. But few people are familiar with such a set of tools as PWA Studio Magento. That is, you get a whole range of possibilities for the implementation of your project. This stack helps a lot during application development.


Let’s look at the basic rules and tips that will help us use Magento 2 PWA Studio correctly.

Be prepared for problems starting Windows

If you are using a Windows operating system, you may encounter the fact that it simply will not start. Therefore, it is best to avoid using it.

Consider storage limits

If you are caching information, keep in mind that the storage may become full. So be aware of local Storage limits and try to separate objects for the Apollo Cache from others.

GraphQL queries and their fragmentation

Keep in mind that PWA Studio seldom uses fragments that match GraphQL queries. But to solve this problem, you can break larger requests into fragments and reuse them. Use the minimum amount of data when querying GraphQL.

Standard Components

Do not forget that additional styles may appear during the method of overriding standard components. This significantly increases the size of the files, which greatly affects the capacity. Therefore, try to spend as much time as possible removing redundant blocks of code using styles.


If you use PWA on your e-commerce website, you will get many benefits and become more competitive. There are a lot of examples when such technologies increase page viewing. Therefore, we can say with confidence that in the future, no serious company will be able to do without PWA. If you decide to use this technology for your websites, then the best option would be to use ecommerce consulting services.