(Last Updated On: December 22, 2022)

Many people are now wondering whether your house should become smarter? Definitely yes, if you want to save on utility bills, ensure your safety, delegate household responsibilities to automation, giving yourself more free time. All of the above look more like advantages than disadvantages.

The Mighty Power of the Button

In short, Home Automation is a complex of different systems that automate the usual actions for us: turning on the light, the kettle, raising the blinds, etc. under the control of artificial intelligence. Sensors, cameras, smart equipment, a controller, and actuators are involved in this process. Nowadays the most complex mechanisms can be activated by the smallest linear actuator.

But such progress was preceded by its history. The concept and implementation of Home Automation first appeared in the US. Local engineer Emil Mathias in 1950 equipped his own house with a system of electric cables and drives, hidden in the walls to allow remote control of lighting, garage doors, curtains, household appliances, etc. The project was called Push Button Manor because the entire system was controlled by buttons. A few decades later, in 1978, headliners of American newspapers were about first-ever remote control with 6 commands to control lighting, household appliances, and doors. This served as a real kick for the development of today’s technologies. A lot of money was invested in them, which means that progress was taking leaps and bounds.

High technologies – your secretary

Today Home Automation is a set of household appliances that are connected to a single network, are controlled remotely, independently collect data, and have autonomous functions linked to the Internet.

The sensors can track changes in daylight, temperature, or motion detection. Then, home automation systems can adjust these parameters (and much more) according to your preferences.

Controllers can be devices, personal computers, tablets, or smartphones. They send and receive messages about the status of automatic functions in your home or apartments for rent in Tucson.

The actuators are programmed to be activated by a remote command from the controller.

They can be motors, or motorized valves, or light switches that control the actual mechanism or function of a home automation system. Linear actuators are mainly used. The functions of a linear actuator fully justify its name: “actuate – to set in motion and “linear” – performing a rectilinear movement, easy said – moving in a straight line. There are many different ways to implement such a movement using an engine. The most common option occurs with the help of sliding and retracting the rod (slider) moving along the guide. The spheres of use of such linear drives vary widely, they can be used in almost any Home Automation devices, as well as even in aerospace technologies.

The Trend of Implementing of Audacious Dreams

Smart home automation has far-reaching plans. The priority will be safety, comfort, economy, and respect for the environment. Your home can be protected from natural disasters by pressure sensors, or smart fire detectors, or carbon monoxide monitors, and other home automation features.  Among the ideas under consideration, the introduction of devices that can analyze the behaviour of households, for example, turn off unused devices, due to this, the size of bills will decrease. When interacting with smartphones, it will soon become possible that you will only say “It is hot” and in seconds you will already feel a whiff from the air conditioner that reacted to your desire. If at the beginning we were talking about separate systems, today everything is going to create a single platform of devices that will be able to establish communication with each other to solve everyday problems. The house will take everything into its own hands and under its control so much that you will truly feel like a guest there. But who is so much welcome to feel at home! The limit of perfection will probably be that we will think about whether it’s time for dinner and our oven will start to cook a chicken in a few minutes. Well, yes, these are still fairy tales. However, modern life in the growing world of technology has led us to the fact that our dreams can really be audacious. And the most interesting practice has shown that even seemingly unthinkable ideas can be implemented easily.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.