Digital marketing is a broad term, and you cannot compete in the market without running advertisements. One such platform for paid advertising that aids marketers in increasing the reach of their digital marketing efforts is Google Ads. The platform uses paid advertisements to promote your message in front of your chosen audience. If you know how to use it effectively, Google Adwords or Ads is a strong platform for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.Yes, you are correct; we are referring to its drawbacks.

Are you prepared to study the benefits and drawbacks of Google Ads now? If so, read this article all the way through.

Easily affordable

The first benefit of Google Ads is this. Why is that? Because Google Ads typically cost between $1 and $2 per click, any business, regardless of size, can use it as a relatively reasonable advertising platform. However, this is an industry-average cost. Simply said, it means that costs may differ depending on the industry. Although most keywords have a high cost per click in various industries, they are cheap with Google Ads.

Competitive Keywords

We all understand that Google’s responsibility is to give people the most accurate and relevant results possible, right? Google, however, finds this to be more complicated because it must choose which firms appear first when users search for particular terms. It indicates that your site will be given priority if its material is more pertinent than that of the rival. Here, Google Advertising makes advertisers compete in the marketing industry by displaying the most pertinent ads to users.

Great Documentation

The documentation feature of Google Ads is another benefit. Yes, Google offers a wealth of information on how to use AdWords and manage successful campaigns. What exactly is contained in this documentation? It has a broad keyword base that covers everything from budgeting to developing your first advertising campaigns. It essentially offers advice on how to run an effective digital marketing campaign.

Offers amazing tools 

The user-friendly tool that Google AdWords provides is the next perk on the list. Yes, Google Adverts offers a few tools to aid in the creation of digital ads. The keyword planner is one such instrument. The planner tool will assist your keywords in triggering your advertising based on the industry type, the keyword’s typical cost per click, the material already present on the webpage you want to link your ads to, the average monthly searches, and the keyword’s level of competition.

In essence, the keyword planner helps you choose the right keywords for your campaigns. In fact, it aids you in selecting the most appropriate keyword.

Easy and Measurable results

You may easily evaluate the outcomes of each component of your marketing strategy thanks to Google Ads. How many items can you measure with ease? Clicks, impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per clicks, and cost per acquisition can all be tracked. And all of this makes calculating ROI simple. Additionally, you may assess how cost-effective particular solutions are. By doing this, you effectively make plans for future investments in efficient advertising.


You have to pay for every click

You must pay for each click in a Google Ads paid campaign, which is its primary drawback. What does this mean now? In plain English, you must pay every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements, whether or not that click results in a conversion. Yes, you’re correct. You might receive clicks from visitors who have no intention at all of purchasing your goods and services. However, you must also pay for that click. The cost to you may then be slightly higher.

Google ads have a very short life

The fact that this fraud exists hurts small and medium-sized businesses. Why am I saying this? Because Google advertisements have a very short shelf life, your Google ads will stop running if you run out of money. By examining the budget you have for the Google Ad campaign, it therefore means you must continue to run it. However, because SEO gives you a longer shelf life, it is a much better long-term investment.

Time consuming

Time-consuming is yet another disadvantage on our list. Whether they are inexperienced or experienced, people tend to make a lot of blunders when it comes to Google Ads. Once your campaign is fully setup, faults will still occur unless you put a lot of work into it. You must make sure that everything is completed in an efficient and appropriate manner. After that, you must continue to monitor the campaign to determine what is and is not converting. Because of this, it takes a lot of time for people who can’t handle Google Ads alone.

Landing page needs to be top notch

You are all aware that Google prioritises quality over quantity. It implies that your website must appear at the top of the results list on Google’s first page. Additionally, it might not function as intended if you depend on Google Ads to drive traffic to your website. To get your site to the top of SERPs, you must include SEO in your approach. However, make sure that your landing pages are of a high quality and sufficiently relevant to draw Google and the audience.You can consult a digital ads agency if you need help. 


So, gentlemen, we can only hope that these Google Adwords benefits and drawbacks have given you a better understanding of both its advantages and disadvantages. You may now decide for yourself whether Google Adwords is the best option for your company or not. These all are managed by google ads management services. But after reading about Google Adwords’ drawbacks, it’s clear that bigger companies are better suited to use it because they can afford to invest in it and devote more time to managing Google Ads campaigns. Smaller enterprises can also experiment because there is little risk in attempting anything new.