Machine learning (ML) is obtaining a massive boost in every industry. Machine learning is primarily a training machine idea for recognizing patterns of data and applying them to specific issues. The outlook of ML is necessary because the model can self-adapt when revealed to new data. It learns from former predictions and calculations to achieve good and consistent results and decisions with minimum or without any human interference.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are recognized as one of the greatest innovations since Microchip. AI used to be an imaginative concept of science fiction, but it is now becoming an everyday reality. Neural networks impersonate the processes of real neurons in the brain) pave the way for a breakthrough in machine learning known as “deep learning.”  ML has been a very popular concept in past years, and it continues to grow in popularity as data science advances at an alarming rate. The branch of AI is called machine learning, and the system has the capability to learn from data even if it is not directly programmed. So, if you want to go in-depth about it, go for Great Learning artificial intelligence courses.

If you don’t know about machine learning, you may be shocked to find that ML has already played a role in forming the world in which we live and interact daily. ML has improved our daily lives as well as many professional and industrial processes. At first, the idea of intelligent machines was ridiculous. Machines that act on behalf of humans have not been standard. But with the possibilities and advances in machine learning in our daily lives, the human landscape is fundamentally changing. Below, we’ve described 6 ways machine learning can revolutionize our lives. Let’s dive right away:

Spam filter: This is an example of classic machine learning. Over 65% of emails circulated on the web are spam. It’s a lot of phishing messages. Machine learning sorts these spam messages from your inbox and identifies patterns that can distinguish between malicious emails and move them to the spam folder. They are instructed on this dataset and the resulting model created is applied to the latest set of emails received for classification into spam and non-spam. It is one of the very effective uses of machine learning.

Search Engine:  Whenever you look for an answer to a question, the first resort for most of us is to look at search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, type in a query, and press enter to get the link. It is related to our intended inquiry. With the power of machine learning,  these search engines can know what we are looking for.  RankBrain is Google’s machine learning model for predictive search. Use machine learning to create a connection between the searcher and the user.  

Google Translate:  When traveling independently to a new location, how do you communicate with the locals and find a local location where everything is written in different languages? Sounds really difficult. This may be useful with Google Translate. Google’s GNMT (Google Neural Machine Translation) is neural machine learning that works with thousands of languages and dictionaries. Use natural language processing to improve translation between texts. Point-of-sale tagging, NER (Named Entity Recognition), and chunking are some of the other techniques used in this most popular application of machine learning.

Virtual Personal Assistants:  Virtual personal assistants like  Alexa and Siri are everywhere. As the name implies, a virtual personal assistant (VPN) is a software agent that can perform tasks or services by interpreting verbal input or commands. Speech recognition, speech-to-text conversion, natural language processing, and text-to-speech conversion are some of the most important machine learning applications in VPA. For example, suppose you need to  ask  simple questions such as “What’s your tomorrow schedule?”  To answer this, your personal assistant will search for information or remember your request in this regard to collect relevant information. Various meal ordering apps, online training websites, and commuter app chatbots have begun using virtual personal assistants.

Traffic forecast from Google Maps:  Google Maps is the most reliable app to use when you’re on the go and need help with directions and traffic information. Google Maps uses colored lines to show traffic conditions on major roads. These colored lines indicate the speed at which you can drive on the road. The green, yellow and red lines show free, slow, and very crowded traffic. Grey lines mean no traffic information is currently available, red and black lines indicate very slow or stopped traffic.  This traffic information is very useful when finding the shortest route to your destination. From time to time, maps even suggest that you are on the fastest route, despite heavy traffic. Rich and reliable data from many sources combined with powerful machine learning algorithms.

Fraudulent Transaction Detection:  Million transactions are conducted online daily. Of those, some of them can always be fraudulent. Staff cannot manually execute all transactions to find transactions that appear to be suspicious. Not only does this result in huge financial losses for customers, but it also causes huge losses in the potential profits of banks, and customers begin to look away from banks. ML is here to save you and the bank. The ML algorithm uses the customer’s location data and the device used for the transaction to detect if a fraudulent transaction has occurred and alert the customer via a message, email, or both. It is not a misrepresentation of the fact that many online businesses would not have existed without ML.


We’ve talked about some of the ways machine learning can affect our lives, but machine learning has a huge number of applications that can affect our daily lives in the near future. Machine learning is a fast-growing industry that works tremendously every day. Machine learning technology is flourishing at a fast pace, enabling humans to analyze and control their surroundings in several ways. If you have less knowledge about ML and want to build a strong foundation, then you can take up free machine learning courses for beginner level by Great Learning. Machine learning technology is being utilized to create future self-driving cars, detect and cancel credit card fraud, enhance voice recognition software, detect spam emails, and design more robust virtual personal assistants. You can learn more about this with the Great Learning professional certification program in machine learning and artificial intelligence.