The chances are high that you just cannot wait to travel somewhere and finally spend some time enjoying nature or just walking through the empty streets that still have all that classic feeling that you may get from watching movies that depict American South. Some of you may prefer dynamic NYC or Las Vegas instead. In either case, as a college student who is learning remotely or plans to have a time-out with good friends, there are lots of places to visit in the United States that will be worth an experience for a lifetime!

Top 7 US States to Visit As a Student

1. Georgia.

If you are surprised, then don’t be because Atlanta, Georgia has one of the most innovative college campuses that provide students with lots of interesting activities like parks, clubs, water slides, museums, cheap hotels, and more. Then we have Savannah, GA where the time literally stops!

2. California.

California is where students will feel like they are in one of those Hollywood movies, which is just worth a visit for that alone!

3. New York.

If you want to visit New York, a lifetime is probably not enough to see this center of the Earth, as they often call it! Just don’t forget to handle your academic duties meanwhile as you explore it all. Approach a trusted essay writing service so you do not risk your future. It is always easier when you can save time and enjoy your travels!

4. Wisconsin.

Think about visiting Milwaukee Sightseeing Bus Tour and don’t forget about Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo. If you plan to visit in summer, think about North Beach and the famous Adventure Park that students of all ages will enjoy! It’s also the best state for mountain biking!

5. North Carolina.

Start with Sliding Rock and the land of Waterfalls and then take the rest of your free time to visit the famous Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is one of the most visited places in the United States. Get your friends along and don’t forget to take pictures!

6. Texas.

Start with the visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, then take a look at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Once you get past the initial excitement, visit the San Antonio River Walk as it’s an experience you won’t forget! Finally, don’t forget about Space Center Houston!

7. Florida.

Miami needs no introduction and Florida isn’t always expensive! When it’s off-season, the state is always open to college students who want to have some peace while still enjoying amazing weather with all the essential things like beach bars, concert halls, and good fun! If you are an exchange student, keep your documents for travel in several copies with an emergency number, or a bracelet. Remember about safety as it’s a popular tourist spot!

Hotels for Students

While these are often mentioned online, make sure that you check twice for prices, safety, and availability. You can read various reviews online, talk to your friends you know well, and make your choice based on that. Alternatively, you can use helpful apps like StudentUniverse, which helps to find the cheapest flights and hotel booking for college students. Just make sure that you study the place first and check what’s being on offer!