(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)

In sales & marketing, experts say that retaining an existing customer is more crucial than gaining a new one. In hindsight, consumer retention is far more advantageous than we know. In the digital arena, technology is accessible to the masses which is the primary reason behind incessant market competition. This is why even the finest mobile apps with an exquisite set of features face competition.

Reports state that a 5% increase in user retention can help app owners make 75% more profit. An average mobile user keeps 30+ apps on his/her phone and therefore it’s quite difficult to draw their attention to the application and expect better engagement.

Mobile app engagement is more than the number of downloads. On the contrary, it also encompasses the total number of active users, session length & interval, and overall app revenue. Once analyzed and optimized properly by a mobile app development agency, your mobile application can bring a better ROI than you expect.

In this post, you will discover some efficient mobile application strategies (used mostly at the time of development) that retain app users tremendously:

1. More Work on the User Interface

App development firms that work on a large scale pay attention to every intricate detail that seems nominal on the surface. These companies have a dedicated product design team for building an infallible mobile app interface that binds the gaze of the target users with compelling home page designs.

The user interface is tested by QA experts and developers for the desired outcome at the time of deployment.

2. Attention to App Readability

Not every app user cares about the font and size of the text. But readability still remains to be an unaltered aspect of the application’s performance. The term ‘readability’ on a digital product entails the scope of ease offered by the navigation of your mobile app to its users. 

Simply put, your app should a concise navigation and menu structure. All prominent app features and services must appear in a lucid pattern. Any sort of complexity in mobile application navigation can drive your customers away. 

3. Focus on Low-Quality Elements

Nobody wants to bet on the losing horse! But that doesn’t mean that you should not address the low-performing areas of your online platform. While it might not look like an outright strategy, a productive focus on low-quality elements of your mobile app will help you boost the experience. You can either discard such aspects of the application or upgrade the functionality to users’ benefit.

4. User Journey Mapping

User journey mapping can be considered a technical evolution of simplified app design. However, this process involves more critical requirements. This is the reason why major businesses hire software development services in the USA with a vast experience in app development and maintenance. Topmost app and software design agencies are familiar with the patterns of users’ behavior and the impact of particular functionality.

5. Creative Push Notifications

Popular apps like Uber and DoorDash have slayed the competition with their on-demand service offerings. Beyond basic services, their push notifications have an influential effect on audiences. Your IT consulting partner only assists you with the integration of push notifications. But an experienced mobile app development company will help you with the conceptualization of notifications to grab consumers’ attention.

6. App Store Listing Optimization

You must know that your app is listed on App Store and Google Play Store alongside six million other applications. With platform categorization, the application has to compete against thousands of similar or even better platforms. You can consider app store listing optimization and use the right set of keywords in the title and subscription to make your app relevant.

Why Hire An Agency for Mobile App Performance Optimization?

Some of these user retention techniques for mobile applications mentioned above might seem doable. But, these are the aspects that need to be addressed at the time of mobile app development. In fact, consumer journey mapping and user interface customization are some of those areas that need the front end development services of experienced IT firms.

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