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You can get overwhelmed while choosing the best android monitoring app in the market. The reason is quite obvious; there are many choices available these days. The best approach to select the perfect app is to review them. It helps in comparing their qualities as well as disadvantages, so you know what fits your needs.

This comprehensive review will talk about TheWiSpy in detail and its comparison with other leading spyware apps for android devices in the market. It is best in use if you want to spy on your kid or your employee. This article includes rich TheWiSpy features and how the user can make the most out of it.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is the best app to spy android phone that helps you get the target’s phone online and offline activities reports. TWS functions in stealth mode that helps you to spy secretly without alerting your target. This app development company ensures the feature in this app to provide advanced and rich features that help monitor and be vigilant.

For example, message tracking, call monitoring, GPS tracking, and remote commands. Apart from that, there are unlimited functions that are helpful in spying. It is used by thousands of people in many countries and making the tracking experience unforgettable.

Why should you use TheWiSpy?

You might wonder, out of all the options available, why you should use TheWiSpy! It can’t get any easier to describe the reason because it offers unlimited benefits. The spyware apps for android have taken monitoring android devices to next level.

You can use TWS to track children’s activities to ensure their safety. It will give you controls so you can restrict their screen time and know where they are 24/7. In addition, THEWISPY offers employee spying services.

Using the best cell phone spy apps, you can increase the productivity of your employees and catch deceiving co-workers. The amazing features of TWS give you updates on whether workers are working during office hours or wasting time. It isn’t your problem anymore to stress about your company’s secrets getting leaked. 

How to set up TheWiSpy?

You can easily set up TheWiSpy GPS location tracker. The general procedure of setting up the app is by downloading the software on the phone you want to track. We have explained two important parts of setting the app below, so you don’t get confused.

·        Setting TheWiSpy on target’s device:

Step 1:

You have to subscribe to one of TheWiSpy’s plans, such as standard plan, premium plan, or platinum plan. You can access these packages through the official website www.thewispy.com using any browser. You can choose one plan and pay the price.  

Step 2:

You’ll get a confirmation email from the spy app provider. It will have details about the online portal that you’ll have access to. And it contains a URL that you’ll use to download the app. Click on the provided link, and in few minutes, you’ll have TheWiSpy on the target’s phone.

Step 3:

The minute TWS best android monitoring app is downloaded, it will be hidden in the phone. Your child won’t be able to detect that a spy app is functioning in the background. The app is all set on the target’s phone, and it’ll transfer the information without any blockage.

·        Setting TheWiSpy on your device:

Step 1:

TheWiSpy dashboard is available on a web interface to monitor all the tracked information from the target device. Set up your account for that. Open a web browser and open the online portal of TheWiSpy.

Step 2:

The login page will show you to provide personal details. Put in the information such as email and passcode, and you’ll enter in the dashboard of TWS. 

Step 3:

Now you have access to all the features and can view details fetched through the app. You can send commands and transfer data. You can use your laptop or mobile phone to spy on the call recorder.

TheWiSpy features:

The main features of TheWiSpy are listed below.

GPS location tracker:

One of the main reasons parents use spyware apps for android devices is to find out where their children are. TheWiSpy offers an exceptional GPS location tracker that helps detect real-time GPS location where kids are hanging out. It can save them from dangerous situations by sending help or informing parents.

Track Whatsapp activity:

Social media is the new platform where youngsters chat these days. The leading messaging app is Whatsapp, which allows people to send messages and share pictures and videos to each other in seconds. Using TheWiSpy, you can track Whatsapp activity remotely to view files, chats and delete or block contacts.

Call log monitoring:

One of the most used features in spyware apps for android devices is called log monitoring. It provides you access to view call logs on the target phone. You can see details of the caller, call duration, and timestamps. Apart from these functions, you can block a caller remotely using the advanced feature. In most cases, parents want to block a contact from sending threatening messages to kids.

Spy call recorder:

Call recording is a remote feature that is helpful in spying. TheWiSpy offers an excellent spy call recorder that lets you record calls from remote access. Once the app finishes the recording, the audio is updated on the online portal.

If you doubt that your kid is hiding something from you that is bothering them, listening to calls will help. If someone is harassing your kids, you can help them.

SMS Tracker:

You can view chats from messaging apps on the target’s phone. TheWiSpy helps you read the chat, retrieve data, and block senders. The best android spy app provides complete details of the contacts, timestamps, and history of chat.

Multimedia tracking:

Teenage is a sensitive age where kids like to send and receive inappropriate things. For example, they take nudes and share them with their friends or partners. Apart from that, they might have unethical media stored on their phones.

Do you dream of ensuring that your kids don’t have such content? Then get TheWiSpy best cell phone spy apps because it will help you monitor their media files. And also provide you controls that will let you delete such files.


TheWiSpy allows you to view the live location of your child throughout the day. But what if we tell you that you can now control your kid’s whereabouts with a single feature? Exciting right! You can put geographical restrictions on your child’s phone through maps without their knowledge. TWS will detect the location of your child.

When they enter the red zone that you have blocked for them, the app will alert you. It could be through an email. You can ensure your kid is safe without waiting for something to happen. 

Key logger:

Key logger is the feature that most GPS location tracker apps have in their functions. It stores all the information dialed or typed on the target phone. It can be keywords, passwords, account details, certain words.

TheWiSpy has an amazing key logger feature that stores everything inserted in the phone, so when you need to log in to some account, then it becomes useful. In short, it is one of the most useful features, and spy apps will be tough to function without it.

Remote controls:

TheWiSpy has taken over the world because of its advanced functionality and remote controls that help the app produce exceptional results. Instead of monitoring from remote access, you can now change files using some commands. There are many remote controls, but some of the new and most used ones are mentioned below.

·        Camera spy:

There are not many android spy apps in the market that offer this function. Let’s talk about what it does first. Camera spy is a feature of TheWiSpy that accesses the target phone’s camera, and it can be manipulated with remote commands.

The app user has access to this function, and for example, when you’ll ask the app to capture a live picture, the camera will secretly take photos. And then send it to the online portal of TWS, where you can see the results. It’s a great spy feature where you can visually monitor your target.

·        Surround recorder:

There must be so many moments in life where you wanted to hear the conversations going on around your child or employee, but you couldn’t because you were far from them. Spying was not advanced back then, but in today’s age, you can spy on anything.

TheWiSpy spy call recorder offers a surround recording feature for its users. TWS has control over the microphone of the target’s phone. When you command the app, it will start recording the audio. You can record for as long as you want, and when it finishes, the audio will be uploaded on the TheWiSpy account.

·        App blocking:

In this time, many applications are introduced to the online world. You can have social media apps, entertainment apps, and gaming apps. And children have access to all of them, no matter if they’re harmful or addictive for them.

So as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that children don’t have access to addictive apps, and if they do, then there must be a limit. TheWiSpy is the best android spy app that provides an app blocking feature that allows you to block or uninstall apps remotely.

·        Web browser history control:

Browsers have millions of websites that you can access in seconds. There are informative sites, entertainment sites, but at the same time, there are inappropriate sites. These can trigger children or leave a bad influence on them.

TheWiSpy offers its brand new feature, web browser history control. It is best for spying on their browsing activities. You can view history, saved cookies, and block websites as well. It will make your kids have a safe internet environment, and you’ll always be there for them to guide.

TheWiSpy VS mspy:

When the debate of which spy app is better than TheWiSpy and mspy comes to mind. Mspy is indeed a versatile app that comes with android and iOS functions. Although there are some similar features of TheWiSpy and mspy, such as GPS tracking, call spy, message spy, and social media monitoring.

Mspy can track emails of the target device so does TheWiSpy. The overall results are compatible, but when it comes to remote features and price plan flexibility, TheWiSpy has a lead. It comes in basic and premium packages, and TheWiSpy app to spy android devices comes with basic, premium, and platinum subscriptions.

TheWiSpy VS Flexispy:

TheWiSpy VS Flexispy is another debatable topic when it comes to choosing the best tracking app. These two apps share similar features such as social media tracking, message spy, call spy, and multimedia file monitoring. Apart from that, it supports android and iOS devices with extensive features. TheWiSpy, on the other hand, wins the game when it comes to better user interface and non-complex functionality.

TheWiSpy is a complex and expensive spy app that is not for every user. You need to have the discrete technical knowledge to run the app properly. TheWiSpy offers simple and effective features listed with an easy interface on the dashboard. It also has Flexible and affordable price plans compared to Flexispy.

TheWiSpy pricing:

TheWiSpy is offering three affordable plans at the moment that you can review.

1.     Standard plan:

The standard plan is available for $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, and $89.99 for six months. It includes the following features:

  • Call spy
  • Text spy
  • GPS tracking
  • Calendar tracking
  • And many other

2.     Premium plan:

The premium plan is accessible for you at $39.99 for one month, $69.99 for three months, and $99.99 for six months. It has the following features involved:

  • Call recording
  • Video recording
  • Camera spy
  • Surround spy
  • Remote commands
  • And more

3.     Platinum plan:

You can subscribe to a platinum plan for $69.99 for a month, $119.99 for three months, and $149.99 for six months. It is the best out of all plans, and it has these features:

  • Whatsapp spy
  • Remote lock screen
  • Keyword alert
  • Call blocking
  • Web history control
  • Record audio and video
  • And more

TheWiSpy Verdict:

TheWiSpy is, without a doubt, number one spy app you can find around the world. It offers exceptional parental and employee monitoring services. It comes with advanced features such as GPS tracking, Whatsapp spy, and many remote commands.

It is an app with stealth working mode; you can spy openly without the fear of getting caught. It is simple spyware that offers high-quality results. Regardless of the downsides, TheWiSpy is a better choice and is highly recommended by satisfied users. You can rely on TheWiSpy that will provide exceptional spying results in real-time.

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