After being trapped inside the house for months and exhausted from working from home, I am pretty sure that you all are eagerly looking for a break. What about a trip to the Beachside? To enjoy the salty air and sunshine! Perfect, isn’t it? Why wait? Let’s plan the journey. I’ll help you with the packing. You will thank me later. Here’s The Ultimate List of Things to Pack for the Beach. Read More: Make a Plan for the Best Road Trip Ever!

The Ultimate List of Things to Pack for the Beach; The Essentials

Let’s start with the essentials. First, the light. Light clothes to bear the heat, a light jacket for cold nights, light chairs, and light towels that won’t grab the sand. I suggest you keep the outfit list to a minimum. So it will be easier to carry. And a pair of jeans that suits at least two tops will be enough.

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Then, sun protection! Don’t forget to pack enough sunscreen. I want to highlight the word “enough”. According to my experience, you will always need sunscreen more than you think. And don’t forget the after sun care. I recommend you seal these in a reusable plastic bag to avoid mess.

Next thing, toiletries. Don’t pack the whole tubes and tubs. Just use travel-sized toothpaste and deodorants to save space. When considering makeup, only pack the essentials. That is because you don’t need much due to the heat and humidity.

Don’t forget to pack hair care items like detangling spray and a good hairbrush. Additionally don’t hesitate to twist up or clip your hair. And that will minimise the frizz from the sea salt spray. ReadMore: How To Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime?

The Beach Packing List

Now let’s move to the packing list.

  • Swimsuits Give priority to comfort when laying out and playing beach games.
  • Cover-Ups Always embrace light clothing. Just select the ones you can wear around the resort with confidence.
  • Sunglasses Go for a glamourous and a practical pair.
  • Hats Becuase sunscreen alone won’t do the job.
  • Sandals A comfortable and flat pair.
  • Sleepwear You can select as you wish. I personally choose the sleeveless ones to feel the waves and wind.
  • Casual Shirts Beach doesn’t need fancy. Go for casual and cute ones.
  • Jeans One pair will be enough. Pick your favourite colour. Mine is  white.
  • Shorts Casual, cool and light.
  • Dresses Just one piece and one outfit. Great alternative for 2 piece sets.
  • Skirts Breezy and light weight. Can be worn with the same tops you wear with the jeans. Get a fresher look!
  • A light jacket Keep warm in the chilly nights at the beach. Or a wrap.
  • Jewellery Just add some spice to your outfits. Just don’t pack anything valuable.
  • Beach bag I suggest you to consider a straw beach bag for pack your things. Plus it lays nicely in a suitcase.
  • Small Purse A lovely simple purse that go with all the outfits.
  • Workout Clothes For the people who love beach walks.
  • Athletic shoes Protect your feet from sand when going for long beach walks.

Don’t Forget..

The Ultimate List of Things to Pack for the Beach
  • Tooth Brush In case you forget!
  • Toothpaste Then pack a travel sized toothpaste or some toothpaste tablets.
  • Deodorant Chase away body odours.
  • Hair brush Let me give you a tip for a easy manageable hair. Go for a wet brush.
  • Detangling spray Use it after a shower and thank me later.
  • Beach wave hair spray Get a wavy hair as the sea waves.
  • Facial Cleanser Because using only the cleansing sheets won’t be enough. Wash with a cleanser.
  • Moisturiser Both face and body moisturisers!
  • Shaving cream Just in case you need a touch up.
  • Razor Just pack along and don’t forget to cover the sharp end.
  • Sunscreen Again! One of the essentials.
  • Face Sunscreen Why forget the face?
  • SPF Lip Balm To prevent getting dry and chappy lips.
  • After Sun Care Prevention is always better than cure!
  • Hand Sanitizer To use in public places like the airplane, hotel, restaurant etc.
  • Bug Spray You don’t want to let the bigs ruin your beach day, isn’t so?
  • Beach Towel Here’s a list of best beach towels. Just check with the resort. You don’t need to carry them if they already have.

Make Memories….

  • Beach chairs Foldable light chairs would be a good choice. So the transport will be easier.
  • Beach Umbrella To get some shade when you need it.
  • Beach Games Some entertainment. Here’s a list of best outdoor games.
  • Floats To cool down and move with the waves.
  • Cooler Be prepared with your favourite snacks and drinks. Starting from water to even a bottle od rosé.
  • Waterproof Phone Bag Protect your phone.
  • Portable Speaker Add some music to the peaceful sounds of the sea.
  • Can Insulators Nothing is worse than a warm soda, isn’t it?
  • Books Catch up on some reading while enjoying the vacation.
  • Skincare Face Masks Rejuvenate your skin after a long beach day.
  • Medical Face Masks The most important thing during the pandemic.
  • Chargers Keep your phone fully charged to capture the memories.
  • Camera Better pictures, better memories for a lifetime.
  • Copy of vaccination cards To avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  • Snacks To fulfill your tiny hungers. Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Portable charger Important when travelling.
  • Headphones Just enjoy your favourite playlist without disturbing anyone.
  • Sleep mask To block the sun and to catch up the missed sleep.
  • Hair clips Pulling the hair back will be always a good idea to prevent frizz.

That’s the end of my packing list. Enjoy the beach lovelies!!