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Fort Worth is situated 32 miles away from west Dallas. Fort Worth is always obscured by the big sister city, which is filled with main tourist attractions. Though it is called Cowtown for its cattle breeding, there are the best Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth and Texas

Fort Worth is not only famous for the slaughterhouses and for the National Historic District. It is also well known for Old West theme entertainment and purchasing. There are some museums assigned to old farms that show a genuine cowboy lifestyle.

At present, about nine million guests come to Fort Worth annually. They come here hoping to enjoy the wide range of fun activities in this city. Fort Worth has several art galleries, attractive places, including  Water Gardens, Musical shows, and shopping stores in Sundance Square.

The city is famous for its diversity and the importance given to human rights. This is one of the first Texas cities that installed equal rights for the people. Read our guide and get some knowledge about the best places to visit in the Southern US. We have brought you the best Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth and Texas

Fort Worth Stockyards.

This is a National Historic District treated for its popularity and unique features of cattle farming. Settled in 1866. This is the final stop off on the Chisholm Trail and one last classical stockyard in the United States. One time millions of cattle were there.

At present, the land is limited to 100 acres and turned into the best tourist attraction of Fort Worth. One day in Fort Worth takes the visitors back into past cattle gatherings. This lets you enjoy lots of fun activities,  live musical shows, museums, and western-style shopping stores.

You can see old cattle driving methods lively in front of your eyes. The volunteers have the ability to display their own arts, while others hope to check their body energy can satisfy themself by the funny horse ridings. To get the best result of your time, start from the Stockyards Visitor Center or the Museum in the Livestock Exchange Building.

Water Gardens in Fort Worth

This is situated in Downtown Fort Worth, next to the Convention Center. The Water Garden is a collection of lovely fountains that you can keep staring at. This is for the visitors to fresh themselves in the water. The Water Gardens are a stimulating area to the hot city environment in the Southern US city.

This was built in 1974 and included three pool sets spread within 4.3-acre land. The largest and the active pool is a 38-foot tall platform area. The water goes to the central pool across the stones. The “aerating pool” is a combination of fountains flowing under the shaded oak trees and a nice sight to see when light up at the night.

The “meditation pool” is a tranquil place isolated from cypress trees, the water floats down along a wall to the clean pool. In the dark, there is lots of fun with the pool lights’ picturesque effects.

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo began with a few animals in the year 1909. But within the next years, it has become a world-famous zoo.

At present, people come to see the hundreds of species, and 68 threatened animal varieties in this zoo. The specialty in this zoo is, this is the only zoo in the United States that looks after the four types of Great Apes. (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonbons,and orangutans)

Fort Worth is known for being one of the world’s best species raising areas. As well as this is one zoo within five that belongs to a pair of five rhino species in the world. There are many more animals like penguins, cheetahs, African lions, giraffes, and more.

There is another attraction other than the animal varieties in this zoo. You can do rock climbing, travel on the mini express train, and see a long statue of an iguana.

Amon Carter Museum in America

This art gallery was opened to display some creations of Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. Over the last ten years, the Amon Carter has been the home of different aspects of American Art.

Today, people can watch many drawings, images, and sculptures with amazing temporary exhibit items. The paintings of the 1830s to the modern 20th century are the major attention in the Museum.  Go and see the works of greats Alexander Calder, Thomas Eakins, and Alfred Stieglitz.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This is a famous tourist attraction in the city. The Fort Worth Botanic garden is a 109-acre land, a great place to go any day in the year. It is an old property in Texas settled in 1934, now it belongs to 2,500 varieties of plants made on 23 unique gardens. The Fragrance Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Rain Forest conservatory are the major attentions.

The idyllic Japanese Garden is a famous area, a pleasant 7.5 acre land of magnolias, cherry trees, bamboo, and other traditional plants. There are beautiful arches over the bridges and a pond full of fish.

The Garden has special remarks such as Begonia Species Bank,  and water preservation projects within an entire garden reserved the project.

The Botanic Garden holds many important programs like educational programs and workshops for the children. You have the chance to have dinner in the yard seeing the garden beauty.

 Sundance Square

Sundance Square is a famous place among visitors and the natives. This is a private 35 block building located in the center of the historical downtown, so many fun things to do.  There is a collection of domestic, commercial, markets, and funny places. After all the Sundance Kid, and most suitable to go on a walk thanks to the pedestrian areas.

You can see many shopping stores, food spots, and cafes. Also, there are expensive and interesting art displays located in large department buildings. This a lively cultural area that had the best museums like the Sid Richardson Museum.  Most of the artworks have done their respectable “Cowboy Artists”.

There is a more important place like the Bass Performance Hall and the Circle Theatre. There are dramas, musical and dancing show very often. The high point is the Sundance Square Plaza in this district. This is a huge square filled with fountains and seatings. And also this place takes as a stage for the concerts and entertainment activities.

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum is an architectural collection. The museum was designed by Louis I Kahn and opened in 1972. You must see the technology using Natural light inside the museum. You can have a nice time walking around the museum area at the sunset.

This is a small property but belongs to lots of masterpieces from different eras.  There are valuable old antiques of the 20th century. Other major items are drawings, sculptures, and pottery that belonged to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The meum holds traveling exhibition for their visitors as well. They provide educational programs and there is a restaurant made for the visitors.

The Sid Richardson Museum.

The art lovers must visit this place and also the Wild West fans. The Sid Richardson Museum shows gathered artworks belonged to the 1942 and 1959 time periods. The museum is located in a model 1880s building. Mainly there are artworks by American artists Fredric Remington and Charles M. Russell.  They have brought out the spirit of the west to the amazing paintings in the late 19th  and early 20th centuries.

class="has-text-align-justify">The art displays show the activities, dramas, and daily life cycle in the ancient west with the proof of many famous Artists.  This is the best thing you can do freely in Fort Worth and you have the chance to join with educational programs and guided tours.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

This place consisted of post-WWII art, with a big collection of 2,600 modern and present-day workpieces. The famous people represented through the works are Anselm Kiefer, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Susan Rothenberg, and Andy Warhol.

The Modern Art Museum is done by Tado Ando,  this unique network has five pavilions and was built with glass in 2002.  And the museum is surrounded by the one and a half-acre pond with a garden and terrace. Similarly, the museum increases the value of Fort Worth’s cultural districts. The Amon Carter Museum of American Art and the Kimbell Art museum both are near this District.

National Cowgirl Museum.

Fort Worth has a good history of the Wild West which equals to their artistic heritage. The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame are the important foundation of history.

The museum gives tribute to the female community in the American West who are renowned for their colonizing spirits. These communities belong to all the cowgirls, young women, poets, artists, teachers, and also entertainers.

The most famous selected women are the shooter Annie Oakley, singer Patsy Cline and the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. The other respectable characters are like well-known exhibition cowgirls.  The illustrations of daily rootings of these women who lived in Texas’s early years Are soo remarkable.

The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is also very special. This shows both men and women spent rodeo life. The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum is also the same. The supports given to other communities like Hispanic, European, African, and Native America are the things we must learn.

The old Flying Museum.

This will be an attractive place in Forth Worth for those who love flying machines. This is the first stop at the Meacham International Airport. This museum offers the visitors opportunities to have a flight in a historical WWII  period DC3 or iconic B-29 Superfortress. You must have this experience.

And also you better visit the Forth Worth Aviation Museum. There is a huge collection of US-made airlines. The American Airlines CR Smith is also an important place to visit.  You can learn the history of the country’s ancient airlines and the displays. This is another best Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth and Texas

Science and History Museum In Fort Worth

Fort Worth was opened in 1945 and hold many educational exhibitions under the topic science, technology, and natural history.  Above all, You can get the bonus of five museums gatherings under one roof. It is available a place for the kids under eight where they can play, enjoy and learn something. The visitors call this as Fort Worth Children’s Museum.

The DinoLabs and Dinodig exhibit is the place you can visit with your family together. In addition, There are fixed portraits of Dinosaurs with the model status you can see.

There is another part of the cattle industry, the Cattle Raisers Museum. This brings out the importance of the cattle industry. Don’t forget to visit the site-building and the IMAX theater.

Log Cabin Village

This is an attractive area or a museum that features the real 1800s restored buildings and the way came to these places across the state.  The visitors can see native furniture styles and each area has a unique theme.  These ancient buildings have water-power used technologies, schoolhouses,  metalworker shops, and many ancient houses.

The appearance is highlighted by the costumes made like old Texans’ periods. The visitors can do fun activities like planting, doing strange games/ activities, and listening to entertaining audio tracks.

Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth and Texas

The Bass Performance Hall is one of the best theaters that Texas belonged to.  This place is called Bass Hall shortly and began in 1998 and you must visit there. It’s obvious that the Hall is built in European Style with 2056 movie theatre seating capacity.. The Royal sandstone opera house in Fort Worth located in the Sundance Square district has another story. The wealthy person in this District made large donors for the development and as a result. Therefore, this became the city’s representative symbol.

In addition, the two images of the 45-foot tall angels beautify the outside entrance.  The building has a part 80 feet in diameter and has a luxurious interior made with amazing artwork. If you can try to participate in a theatrical performance held in this Hall and it will be a luck of you. Perhaps it will be classical, operatic, or pop music and any drama production.

The hotels and Restayutrmts in Fort Worth

The best place to find a good hotel is in Fort Worth in the middle of town. There are lots of great ancient architecture you can see and enjoy. You can see live funny performances around the Sundance Square area. The art displays, museums, and natural gardens are located two or three miles to the west, you will find it very comfortable. Get some free trolley offers by Molly in the downtown area. There are lots of good hotels in Fort Worth where you can spend a good time.  

So it’s obvious that you have good knowledge about the best Tourist Attractions in Fort Worth and Texas

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