You’re so ready to hop on a cruise that you have your luggage packed a week ahead of time. Understandable, since cruises are great ways to escape from the pressures of daily life. If you’re looking for ways to make your life more leisurely on a cruise ship, then a few extra gadgets are the way to go. Read on to find some nifty gadgets you may want to take along on the ride.

Your Smartphone

Yes, you should bring along your smartphone on a cruise ship! Cruises from NJ often offer wi-fi plans that allow you to access the internet for a small fee per day, which means you never have to miss a beat on social media. You can also subscribe to international phone plans, but make sure to pick an affordable one.

Cruise Power Strip

These days, there just aren’t enough power outlets for our electronic devices, especially not on cruise ships. Each person in your party will have at least a smartphone, but will most likely bring along more than that, and each electronic device needs power. A portable power strip can distribute enough power to every electronic device.

Special note: cruise ships only allow “non-surge protected” power strips and bars, which means you’ll need a special power strip designed specifically for cruise ships. Otherwise, any power strip that is not “ship approved” will not be allowed on board.

Portable Charger or Powerbank

Portable chargers are vital for long trips away from the grid, but they are just as useful while inside the confines of a cruise ship. These portable gadgets can keep your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic device powered up as you make your way through the ship. This electronic accessory is particularly important if you plan to take a lot of photos, videos, or make posts on social media, all of which drink battery power like water.

Motion Sensing Night Light

Cruise ships aren’t known for having the brightest lights, so you will have to make your way around dimly-lit areas. Fortunately, you can avoid stubbing your toes against various objects with a night light. The motion-sensing variety will automatically brighten up the area as soon as you get within reach and power off once you’re out of view. This gadget is an accessory you won’t want to leave at home.

UV Sanitizer Box

Cruise ships are full of people, dirt, bugs, bacteria, and viruses. Although you can bring along hand sanitizer, sometimes it’s more effective to blast away microorganisms with the power of UV light. After enjoying a long day of cruise activities, simply toss your keys, camera, or other accessories inside and let the box work its magic. You can sleep well knowing that your belongings are being cleaned without any extra effort on your part.

Water-resistant Watch

What time is it? If you are trying to keep an eye on the time for lunch dates or other appointments, you may want to bring along a water-resistant watch. This sturdy gadget will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know without being disturbed by the spraying of  seawater. At the same time, it helps keep your more valuable electronic devices, like smartphones, safe by relieving the need to check the time on them.

Wireless Earbuds

Although you may like the sounds of the ocean waves, cruise passengers, and onboard staff, you know in your heart that you’d be happier listening to your favorite music. A pair of wireless earbuds can deliver the best beats of your choice without the need for extra wires. Listen to your ultimate playlists while walking around the ship, eating a meal, or even relaxing on your bed. Wireless earbuds make the cruise ship experience that much more enjoyable.

Cruise ships offer plenty of fun for the ticket price alone, but a few extra gadgets can make your experience even more enjoyable. Bring along an extra gadget or two to truly brighten up your trip!