Though we shouldn’t really be assuming, most of the time it’s the women who are obsessed with stylising their wardrobe. If not, they are constantly trying to upgrade it. Since the trends in the market keeps revolving, there is no doubt if you are always on your phone and browsing through the new collection of your favourite brand. It’s super easy to get influenced and to influence the audience these days. All you need for the latter to happen is a good social media account. You know one of those accounts where you see a lot of engagement via followers and people are inspired by what you bring to their table. With a social media influence like that, one can easily influence their audience. This is the basis of how trends take over the internet and then finally the wardrobe of many young ones.

Shopping spree and winters

Especially when it comes to the winter collection, the narrative of the shopping sprees is quite large. Likewise, one can expect to spend hours in the stores of Marks and Spencer if they are going to check out its winter collection lately. Their winter collection will either leave you confused about ‘what to take and what to leave for another time’ or it will overspend just a little bit more to keep you content in the aftermath. After all, haven’t we all regretted not buying a stunning clothing item when we had the chance to? But, when it goes out of stock, or when your size is suddenly unavailable with them, the strings of regret become stronger. 

Top items from M&S winter collection to pair up as a great outfit!

Some of the following suggestions from the M&S winter collection to pair up a great outfit is all you need this winter season.

– Supersoft Crew Neck Jumper and a Tencel Rich Straight Leg Jeans

There are various reasons why a crew neck jumper is worn by people. One of the main reasons why people prefer to wear a crew neck jumper is because they offer a flattering and conservative fit. They are not comfortable, but they are also functional in nature. Also, if you are wearing a crew neck, then you should be aware that they’d be great for those who regularly carry backpacks and work bags which are heavy. Likewise, if you are looking for a comfortable crew neck jumper, then you should definitely get this Supersoft Crew Neck Jumper from Marks and Spencer.

A great way to complete your outfit here is by pairing it with the Tencel Rich Straight Leg Jeans from Marks and Spencer. These jeans are super comfy and they give you an out-of-the office staple look. Also, for a change, these jeans have a mid-rise waist and a straight leg cut too.

– Feather & Down Diamond Quilted Coat with Jersey Slim Fit Ankle Grazer Trousers

It’s winter and obviously you’ll need some layers to step out. Whether you plan an outdoor activity or whether you need to attend a social event, you will need layers to keep yourself protected from the extreme winds of winter. One of the best suggestions in this scenario is the Feather & Down Diamond Quilted Coat from Marks and Spencer. Not only is this flattering but also quite functional. This is indeed perfect during the colder months. Also, the coat is crafted to provide you with comfort and along with that, it is also water-repellent. You’ll also find fleece-lined side pockets in this coat to keep your hands cosy. Moreover, it is made up of recycled nylon.

Obviously, you’ll wear a basic sweater inside, but if you are confused about what you need to wear in bottoms, then you should check out the Jersey Slim Fit Ankle Grazer Trousers from Marks and Spencer. Since, they’ll totally fit here.

– Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper with High Waisted Cropped Flared Leggings

If you are fashion conscious, then there are less chances of you not knowing the ‘craze’ about cashmere material. Indeed, anyone who is fond of collecting clothing items which are made out of cashmere should check out this Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper from Marks and Spencer today! This is counted among one of the most irresistible cosy cashmere which makes this jumper a perfect fit for a chilly day favourite. Some of the features of the pure cashmere crew neck are regular fit, long sleeves, and a crew neck which makes it easy to wear.

The best way to complete these outfits with the crew neck jumper is by pairing it with a High Waisted Cropped Flared Leggings. With these flared leggings you can totally bring a statement look to your office work day look. Get them from M&S today to shop the look!