(Last Updated On: February 17, 2022)

Did you know 90% of people capture images from their smartphone only? It has been reported that 5.2 billion smartphones are available globally compared to 4.3 billion users. So, your propensity to smartphone photography can instantaneously boost your experience due to the leaps forward in cutting-edge technology.

Nowadays, the latest models offer a 108MP resolution and 100x zoom efficiency, like a DSLR counterpart. Are you a budding photographer relying much on smartphone photography? The best gifts for photographers, which you can bring for yourself, are the best photo editing software if you want everyone raving about your skills.

Besides the smartphone’s camera lighting, composition, settings, and scene modes play a vital part in making your photo look fantastic, here are the 5 absolute tips. Let’s get started!

1.    Take portraits in shade

Moving into shade mode is the best-in-class way to improve your portraits quickly. To get a nice and clean shot, stand under the tree’s shadow or an apartment and see the diffused or delicate light which wraps around the face. It’s the premium light quality you seek every time to compliment features. If shooting inside, the window must be placed on one side as you shoot the subject.

On the other hand, if posing outside, you need to shoot towards an open shade by telling your model to stand at the edge of the shaded region. This is how you will get a diffused light with much directionality as an open shade.

2.    Edit pictures on the go

Capturing spectacular pictures from your smartphone doesn’t begin and end with the camera application of your choice. Instead, you can use the best photo editing software as excellent photography gifts to tweak your clicks before sharing those on social media to spice that photo up.

You can straighten images, add preferred filters, tweak colors, and do more with such apps and software. Moreover, pay close attention to one-touch fixtures to maximize your photos with little effort.

3.    Keep your device steady

Commonly, using smartphones for capturing pictures is more akin to any camera. Therefore, you need to keep it steady to take better pictures. Hold things appropriately and never snatch at the button. Taking enough time to click allows you to manage the steadiness.

Nowadays, smartphones offer AI correction for hand-shake and optical image stabilization. So, it can be seen that the photography market size in the USA was $10.9 billion in 2021, and this growth has been increasing for the past 10 years.

As the constant evolution of smartphone photography has been, do you have any gift ideas for photographers? Well, we do! Presenting them a high-resolution smartphone or any smartphone accessory would be great, indeed!  

4.    Search for the lights

Window light can incorporate some profoundness to a scene shot by an iPhone or any high-resolution Android phone. Smartphones possess dazzling lenses and include top-notch modes for making pictures in muted light conditions.

If you don’t know, the premium night modes in the newest iPhone provide much better photos than point-and-shoot cameras. Although, it’s not a great idea to get some light to throw light on a snapshot. It’s always better to find some environmental illumination, whether a neon sign for a nighttime image in the countryside or some sunlight from the window for an indoor portrait.

Thinking about gifts for photography lovers? It could be a tripod or a photo editing app, or even some unique accessories, for example, wireless remote shutter, etc.

5.    Utilize HDR mode

High Dynamic Range is the most significant feature for smartphone camera applications as it helps bring detail out of the lightest and darkest parts of your image. This is how you will get a better balance of colors overall.

This mode is highly suitable for portrait and landscape shots. After taking pictures using HDR mode, you can use a photo editing app to brush up their photos. It can be seen that 68% of Americans use such apps for their photos. 

In a nutshell, these are the top 5 ways you can take the best photos from your smartphone. Worried about a gift for photographer? You can give them a Wide-Angle and Macro Lens kit, Moment Lens and Gear Bag, or even a portable Digital Bluetooth Printer. Although, nothing could be more commendable than premium photo editing software!