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Phone Tricks 

How to reset chinese language phone
Force Reset Android Phone
How to factory reset android phone
Phone Camera failed message
Camera suddenly closing without any error message
How to Fix camera screen black
How to fix your phone getting overheat -14 Reasons and answers
How to Fix Vibrate not working

Facebook Tricks (4)

How to Post a Gif Image on Facebook
Facebook – Disable HD quality And Save Data

How to Download Video Online From Facebook or Youtub
How to Convert Video to Gif Animation
How to Delete all pending friends requests

Troubleshooting  (6)

How to fix write protection in pen drive
How to Fix USB drives errors
How to fix generic volume cant be stopped right now
pendrive/USB is detected but not showing in computer
How to format unformatable Pen drive
USB device not recognized or malfunctioned

PC Tricks (1)

How to set your photo as pen drive icon


Apps (4)

Officesuit|Why Office Suit|Download APK
Facebook Lite| Why FB lite| Download apk
Take a photo and get the idea
Best virus guards and cleaning android app

Technology (1)

Difference Of NTFS and FAT File System
Network,1G,2G,3G,4G/ HSDPA /HSDPA+
Youtube Introduce New Gaming website

Windows (10)

How to get command prompt or Run in Windows 7
How To uninstall auto run, virus programs in windows 7 (no need software)
How to Hide Or Show Folder (Windows 7) No need Software
Every time forget Your Password/PIN or user name? (No need Software)
Auto plays not working?
How to get Best Performance for you windows 7 (No Software needed)
How to get Best Performance for you windows 7 (No Software needed)
How to go Device manager in Windows 7
How to View System information in Windows 7

MS Office (11)


Movies And TV 

Movies (1)



Gossip Videos (100)


Learning Side

Computer Fundamentals (3)