The majority of people who are present on social media do not stop at signing up on one platform only. Most of us are active on several different social media accounts and may use them for different purposes or to engage with different audiences. Even if you are one of those people who stay loyal to Facebook exclusively and think you don’t belong to the group you are wrong. Everybody uses YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and such audio or visual focused platforms. Does not really matter why you are present on several social media websites or apps, if you need a boost on all of them these 3 simple tricks will help you.

#1 Share

Cross-media presence is one of the most effective things you can work on to increase overall engagement on all of your social media at once. Building it up is not hard at all. All you need to do is share links of your content or post and ask the followers you already have to do so as well. Think about how many times have you stumbled up on someone’s YouTube channel from the link someone shared on your timeline. 

Aside from Cross-media sharing, inter-media share is an effective way to increase numbers of likes, views, followers or however your media presence is measured according to the algorithm. This may not be as obvious as the one above but the pattern is pretty much the same. Frequent content sharing puts it on someone’s timeline at various times. They may share your post on other social media and get it out for their followers on those platforms. With the same principle the post will be further shared on a cross or inter media basis. 

#2 Shoutout 

Shoutouts work similarly to sharing. You can think of it as a verbal share. Don’t be embarrassed to give your social media shoutout in two ways. You can just link them down in a bio or the caption of a specific post and encourage your followers or people that may end up seeing that post to check them out and possibly give you a follow. Or if you own an account or a personal channel on YouTube and similar platforms you can give your other social media platforms a verbal shoutout. Tried practice by many YouTubers. If you have a unique and fun username there’s a better chance it will catch people’s attention. Or if you have the same username for all of your social media accounts. Helps with building up your brand, making it memorable and recognizable for others.

#3 When You Need A Quick Boost

Say you are in a hurry and need immediate growth so you can’t sit around and wait for the numbers to grow. There are two things you can do here. Instant boost can be achieved by websites such as socialgreg that offer services for any and all social media platforms guaranteeing growth everywhere and in all of the aspects that you may need. In exchange for some extra cash, your wish will be granted in seconds.

The second way to instantly see the growth is by plugging your social media accounts (or at least one of them) under a particularly viral post. Could be yours, and in that case you should definitely plug in the links to other social media whether you need an immediate boost or not. Could be someone else’s. Don’t worry this is what people on Twitter do all the time. A little self promo has never killed anybody.