(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

Today’s children tend to exhibit selfish feelings, most of which are expressed in an unwillingness to do what is needed or what adults tell them to do. One of these manifestations is the action familiar to all of us – unwillingness to go to school. It is impossible to say for sure what causes this behavior. Many factors may be the reasons for such action. The main ones will be discussed below. Unwillingness to make an effort. Today’s children have little or no homework, especially given the current technology, which requires a minimum of action on the part of people. There is no difficulty in parents asking their child to take the dishes out of the dishwasher or clean laundry out of the washing machine. Parents feel sorry for their children, thereby bringing up in them the inability to do more than necessary. Thus, the child’s area of responsibility is small.

The main problems

Problem 1. Boring lessons. This is especially observed after the summer vacations when children came from the camp, where classes were held in a form different from the school. These are interactive lessons, probably with elements of game forms and receiving prizes.

Problem 2. Unwillingness to wake up early. This problem, perhaps, not only concerns the children’s society. Even children who study in the second shift find excuses for their lack of sleep due to a desire to stay home. As you know, every problem has its solution. And the three above will not be without it. For children to want to start making an effort to study on their own, it is necessary to help the child. Here it is appropriate to tell him what to expect from a school. Be sure to specify the meeting place and the exact time. This will give him confidence and increase trust between parent and child. It is advisable to schedule his whole day, be sure to include small rewards for his efforts, thereby motivating him. It is important not to go overboard here and do not allow the child as a bonus all he wants. After all, because of such actions, he will grow up spoiled.

As for the boring studies, here you need to show your child that learning is not only working hard but also a creative process. You need to make him understand that reading books, understand it’s meaning, write accurately, and count fluently is interesting and important. It is better to demonstrate this in real-time in practice, for example, when buying the right amount of fruit in the store. If you do not want to wake up on time, you need to establish a proper sleep schedule, according to which a small child should get enough sleep for about 9-10 hours a day. In the morning, standing near the bed a bright yellow or orange object will help speed up awakening. After all, yellow energizes and invigorates.

Thus, we can see that the main problem lies in the timing of the adult’s failure to help the child. Frequent criticism, punishment for mistakes, exaggerated demands – all this causes the child to worry, in which he or she is afraid to get a bad grade, and especially if parents find out about it. In these situations, the child may avoid doing the task, because he or she will be afraid of doing it incorrectly. Based on the above, it follows that the main guarantor of the good performance of the child and his desire to learn at school, in general, is the moral teachings laid down by his parents. Don’t be scared if one day your child will ask: ‘ Could you please edit my essay, please?’ It’s OK to use some services for that or do it by yourself. The child is only starting to study so let him do mistakes.