Root Advantage and Disadvantage

When you rooting your phone, so many questions pop up on your mind. Am i right? what is the Root?Root break my device? what are the disadvantages of rooting, what are the advantages of rooting, what is the custom Rom, Stock Rom, kernel, Bootloader  Today, in this post, We are going answer these equations..

When you buy a new android phone,then you are just a gust user on your android phone.  just as a guest would use Windows. that means, you can’t make any changes to the system files. After rooting.. you can do any thing to phone as you like.

Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone

 Run incapability Applications

When compared to Normal play store applications, root applications provide more features for your phone and you will be able feel that they are so awesome apps.. Top Root apps for your phone. they can uninstall pre-installed apps too and many more.More details – What can I do with a rooted phone | List of Things

Run Custom ROM

There are 2 Roms. One is Custom Rom, and Second one Is Stock Rom..Stock Rom is official Rom. and Custom Rom is not official. Rom is like Windows in your phone.. Custom Rom, They are optimized in performance and battery more than Stock Rom. to install Custom Rom, you need to Root your phone. more about- What is the Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

Free Internal Storage

Android phone users who have low internal memory on their phone can transfer any application from internal memory to SD card after rooting their phone.default is internal but you can force it to SD card.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phone

void your phone’s warranty

When you Root your phone. as soon as phone’s warranty cancel. Some phone can unroot, but some phones can’t..  if Something happens to android phone when it is in the warranty period, company will not repair it.

Phone Might Get Bricked

Actually this is a daunting task because if you miss-out any step or flash a corrupt zip, your phone will be damage. No matter what rooting method.. But most of cases, we can settle down flash stock Rom.. So down’t worry.. IF you any damage, please comment.. We can help you.. But we don’t guarantee for you phone. We are only helping you to settle down your android problem..