In this digital world, the majority of the people use the smartphone to perform their task as the students
use it for finding the meaning of the words or to find any query on Google.

Plagiarism checker is now accessible on your smartphone as there are apps for it. Recently, one of the
trending apps we saw is Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo.

This is a complete review of this app which would help you to know the reason why it’s trending for
checking your content.


This is a free and popular plagiarism checker which is usually used by students, freelancers, SEO experts,
teachers, and other writers.

With modern algorithms to check your content, this app is one of the most advanced apps for
comparing your content with the other internet.

Because of the efficiency of finding the accurate result, this app is comparatively better than other
plagiarism detectors.

Review: Plagiarism checker by Prepostseo

With a lot of features, it provides the best interface which is easy to use and this is the reason behind
the increase in the number of downloads.

Currently, there are 100K+ downloads while it has a good rating and reviews from most of the users.
This app has got the update which is better in checking the result.

Usage and interface

To use this plagiarism checker, you don’t need to pay for it instead you can sign-up or register yourself
with a Google account.

Once you log-in, it would show you the toolbox where you can add your content with the help of the
copy-paste option.

Moreover, you can upload the file in different formats (Doc, PDF) as well as you can the camera option.
With the help of artificial intelligence, this app would automatically detect the image taken and it would
find the plagiarism checker.

This way, you can also check the hand-written content.

However, for less than 1000 words, this app is completely free while you need to buy the premium plans
to remove the restrictions.


  • Fast and Accurate: This app is very quick to use because it compares your content with the
    billions of databases it has at the backend. Whether the content is plagiarized or paraphrased,
    this tool would compare and find the percentage for it.
  • Checking of the sentence by sentence: The biggest advantage of this application is that it would
    compare your text with sentence by sentence comparison. When it checks the content sentence
    by sentence the accuracy of the content increases.
  • Safe and Secure: When you upload or paste the content in this app, this wouldn’t save your
    content in their database which means your content is secure all the way.
  • Uploading and Pasting: This app allows you to upload the document directly through your
    mobile in the format of PDF or doc. You can also use the camera to check the content by clicking
    the image.
  • Source: When you check the content, it compares the content with the other articles and find
    the websites from which the content is matched.
  • Report: This app checks the content and saves your report on the mobile instead of the cloud.
    This way, your data remains safe as well as you can access the report later.
  • Export: When you save the report, you can also export the report into your mobile for sending
    to others.


  • The app is free to use when you have to check the words up to 500.
  • In the premium plans, there are two plans including monthly and years. The monthly package is
    available for $10/month which allows a 15000-word limit and 12000 search queries while the yearly
    package allows using at the 25000-word limit and 50000 search queries. The yearly package costs
  • Download the app by visiting the following link


When you are using the smartphone for most of your tasks, it should be done through your mobile
which is beneficial for saving time as well as effort.

For example, if you are a student and you are sending the assignment through the mobile then you can
check the content on your mobile instead of checking on the computer.