(Last Updated On: April 26, 2022)

Pick to Light makes request picking quicker and of greater quality-guaranteed.

Pick to Light is a creative Poka Yoke solution that ensures you don’t pick the wrong item or leave one out. You needn’t bother with a pick rundown, and you can pick with two hands simultaneously, which speeds up the request picking process, limits mistakes, and cuts costs. It’s great for your online business, producing cycle, or conveyance focus.

What is Pick to bring to light?

Pick to Light, regularly known as P2Light, is a simple to-utilize request picking framework that incorporates lights that assist with the choice interaction. The framework is paperless and guarantees that you don’t choose the incorrect thing or neglect to choose one. An interesting light sign reveals which thing to choose, and a sensor two-folds makes sure that you have chosen the right thing. It is a cunning and clear technique.

How does the Pick to Light system work?

The software can be adjusted as needed, however, the basic idea is as follows:

Each storage container contains a display lamp and at least one acknowledgment button. The process of starting a sequence can occur in a variety of ways. For example, the operator can scan an order number, and the software will know which things to pick.

The LEDs in the system light up and illuminate the path, leading the user to the article’s storage container. The number of things to be selected is then indicated by a display. When the operator’s hand is entered into the box, the withdrawal is confirmed using the acknowledgment button or the non-contact sensor.

Starting a sequence can alternatively be accomplished by providing information about a specific order to the system via an RFID tag while delivering the recipe to be picked. This is simply one of several methods to begin a series in Pick2light. You can select many orders at the same time using a multicolored LED indicator on the selection screens (so-called Multi-Order-Picking).

With our LP352 Pick to the light sensor, you can eliminate manufacturing errors and reduce the risk of potential costs.

Is Pick to Light Right for Your Company?

Here are a few deciding points to think about before installing P2Lighti n your warehouse (s).

Regular Turnover/New Hires: Because many warehouses are seasonal, they must hire temporary labor and have a high turnover rate. It takes time and effort to train new personnel, and it costs money. A light-based picking approach is simpler to teach and learn for almost everyone.

Number of SKUs: If there are too few items, picking to light may not be necessary. Large warehouses with hundreds of SKUs may require a separate technology to optimize performance.

Current System Performance: If your current system is not wasting money and is accurate, the modification may not be necessary. Pick to light is viable if you can benefit from lower labor costs and shrink.

Current Storage Units Appropriate: If converting from pick to light necessitates totally replacing huge amounts of equipment, there may be a significant expense involved. All of this will need to be considered before proceeding.

Advantages of Pick to Light

Switching to a pick-to-light inventory system can provide numerous advantages to firms in terms of cost savings and production. Here are a few of the primary advantages of moving from pick to light.

Performance Enhancement

A picking system that is directly connected to the shelves allows for the speedier collection and real-time updates. When an item is required, it is immediately marked by the light, rather than having to wait for a fresh list of picks to be generated. There is also the time saved by not having to print out a new list and start searching through the warehouse.

Integration of Technology

Most picking systems are disconnected from warehouse inventory software, making it impossible to track and improve progress over time. Pick to light is closely linked to inventory to assure correctness, but also to provide important insights to further improve warehouse operations performance over time.

Reduced Time Loss

Employees who must walk back and forth through the warehouse shelving to print out a new list and begin again can result in idle time, wasted walking, and perhaps missing items. All of this adds up to waste and potential health issues over time. Pick to light enables workers to be divided into zones. Employees go around their zones once products are ready to be chosen. They restart after they are finished.

Training Made Simpler

Warehouses have peak seasons as well as times when labor is scarce. Hiring and training temporary employees can be expensive. When the picking system and inventory software are difficult to master fast, mistakes can occur. Pick to light has an advantage because it is so simple, making it easier to train temporary staff.

Pick to light may be a potential solution for facilities struggling to optimize picking procedures. Pick to light is the fastest operator-based picking system on the market, so if increasing productivity is your aim, it’s a solid bet.

SRSI provides Pick to Light system expertise

SRSI aspires to be your first choice when it comes to a support system for fast and quality-assured order picking. Therefore, we give a total Pick by Light framework complete with programming and lights that can be run connected with your business framework or totally independent.

Pick between a Pick to a light program that works with your current lights and an incorporated arrangement in which we give bulbs to your current request picking framework. In any case, growing or revamping your current framework is straightforward. We give solutions that integrate into your manufacturing process in order to ensure the quality of your assembly.