(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)

The fall season is upon us and that means it’s time to stock up on some new books. The leaves changing and cooler temperatures are the perfect time to curl up with a great read, and you don’t have to spend much time doing so either. Reading a book can be inexpensive or even free if you’ve heard about pdfdrive! But, if you haven’t heard of it, well, it’s a website where you can read and download PDF books as much as you want for free! 

Reading refreshes your mind and whets your appetite for more knowledge. Even if you’re not sure what genre of book you’re in the mood for, we have some suggestions that will easily fit into any reading list. From classics to modern bestsellers, here are the top 6 PDF books to download this fall:

Beautiful World, Where Are You

The story starts with a writer named Alice asking Felix, who works in a warehouse if he would like to go to Rome with her. When her longtime friend Eileen, who is in Dublin, is dealing with heartbreak, she starts hooking up with Simon. Though they are still young, Alice, Felix, Eileen, and Simon are being overtaken by life. They are overtaken by their sexual desires, which is why they deceive each other and try to fix their broken relationships. But will they maintain their faith in this lovely yet cruel world? Sally Rooney’s book is about the difficulties of love, intimacy, and companionship in our rapidly changing world. This quadrangle love affair will surely touch every reader’s heart. 

Lore Olympus

Behold what the gods get up to at night in Rachel Smythe’s modern and chic reworking of one of mythology’s best-known tales, which includes lurid rumors, crazy celebrations, and forbidden romance. This keenly insightful and passionate book from Smythe’s  Lore Olympus takes the Greek Pantheon into the present era and includes a brand-new, special collection of short stories. If you’re a greek mythology fan you’ll surely love this one. So make sure to download this PDF book!

Project Hail Mary

In a frantic, last-ditch effort, Ryland is the only survivor; if he loses, humankind and the world will vanish. Except that he isn’t aware of that at the moment. Even his name slips him, even the details of his task or how to carry it out. The only thing he is aware of is how long he has been sleeping. He just woke up to discover that he was millions of kilometers from his home and that his only companions were two dead bodies. Ryland discovers his crew members are gone and that he is now faced with an impossible mission as his memories begin to blur. He must solve an unfathomable scientific enigma while traveling through space on this small spacecraft in order to defeat a threat to our species’ annihilation. This is a beautifully and mindfully written book by engineer-writer Andy Weir.

Firekeeper’s Daughter

Daunis never truly felt welcome in their city or the neighboring Ojibwe tribe. Although Daunis longs for a new beginning in college, a catastrophe in the family forces her to put her plans on wait in order to care for her frail mother. Meeting Jamie, the lovely new player on her brother Levi’s hockey team, is the one positive development. Daunis is drawn to Jamie, but she has a suspicion that the handsome hockey player is concealing something. After witnessing a startling crime, Daunis is drawn into an FBI investigation into a deadly new drug, which reveals everything. Daunis hesitantly agrees to go undercover and uses her chemistry knowledge and traditional Ojibwe medicine to find the source. However, the truth-seeking effort is trickier than Daunis had anticipated, revealing ancient grudges and mysteries. She also becomes concerned about an investigation that appears to be more concerned with penalizing the culprits than safeguarding the victims. Angeline Boulley presents a fascinating new hero in this intriguing fantasy story.

Daughter of the Deep

The world’s top marine biologists, navy fighters, explorers, and undersea researchers graduate from Harding-Pencroft Academy, where Ana Dakkar is a student. The only remaining member of Ana’s family is her elder brother Dev, who is also a student at HP. Ana’s parents passed away about two years ago when she was on a scientific excursion. Ana’s freshmen year ends with the class’s weekend test at sea. She only hopes that she has what it takes to succeed. Ana and her classmates witness a tragic incident on their way that completely dispels all of her anxieties and alters the course of their life. However, there’s still more. The professor who is traveling with them tells Ana that the Land Institute and Harding-Pencroft, their rival schools, have been engaged in a cold war for 150 years. The first years are at risk of becoming mealworms now that the cold war has been intensified to full broil. You’ll surely love Rick Riordan’s Daughter of the Deep, so make sure to add it to your list!

The Spanish Love Deception

To attend her sister’s wedding, Catalina needs a date — particularly now that her little white lie about her lover in America has gotten out of hand. Now everyone she knows will be there and thrilled to see him, especially her ex and his fiancee. She only has 4 weeks to find someone who will travel across the Atlantic and help her deceive people. New York to Spain is such a long trip, and her boisterous family won’t be simple to bamboozle. Aaron, a tall, attractive, and arrogant coworker, enters and surprise offers to take over. There’s never been a man who is more irritable, blood-curdling, and intolerable than Aaron, so she would prefer to decline. However, Catalina is in a dire situation, and as the wedding date approaches, Aaron seems to be her only hope. Fall in love with this book by Elena Armas.


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