My phone is Lost, How I get my IMEI

What is the meaning of IMEI number?

First of all we should know what the meaning of IMEI is. EMEI number stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. We can use IMEI number for Identify valid device.

Why EMEI number impotent

Think that you phone has stolen. Then you can call your network provider and tell “Blacklist” the phone using your IMEI.

We can change the EMEI number?

IMEI number is lifetime. Every phone has their own IMEI. It is unique It can’t change by resetting or something else.

What can do with EMEI

We can find where the phone is.  And we can Ring the phone MAX Volume in your phone. Father more we can Reset and Lock the phone. And we can get details about phone.

How Google link with this?

If your phone lost then you must know your Phone’s emei Number because it helps to find the phone. But it is Difficult for people to Remember their phone’s EMEI Number. So this time Google helps us. They store our phone’s Data in there System. So we can find our phone’s EMEI Number from Google.

How to get EMEI Number

First, you have to log in your phone’s Google account (Linked account/Gmail account) in PC or another phone. Then Go to this Link



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