What are your plans for this summer? It’s almost August, right? And we were staying home-bound for months. It’s a great time for a road trip, isn’t it? The greatest adventures come after a great plan! And I am going to help you with that! Let’s get to the business.

Step 1 : Map it out for the Best Road Trip Ever!

What are your dream destinations? I am pretty sure you already have a bucket list made. So just go through that list and find out a route that is both drivable and efficient. If you are looking for travel guides, Pinterest is a very good site. While looking for a route don’t forget to look for places to rest.

For your information let me share with you my road trip experience. Our favorite destination was West Texas. So we began the journey with the same old route. We found some breathtaking places in Arizona/New Mexico to park our vehicle under the starry sky. We even counted 15 shooting stars and saw the NEOWISE comet too! Another stop was The Saguaro National Park. Your kids will love to go there!

In California, we went through Joshua Tree into Malibu and then went inland all the way to Los Angeles. We had friends there and we got a break from driving too. There we had the most amazing food and played in the park.

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Then we traveled up the coast and stopped at Morro Bay for sea otters, at San Simeon for Elephant seals, and at Monterrey for a beach day. Then we made the way through SF and stopped in the Point Reyes Seashore. This is only a part of our road trip. Hope you picked something from reading this.

Step 2 : Pick your stops to Make a Plan for the Best Road Trip Ever!

After selecting the route, you have to confirm the stays along the way. Just look for some hotels, campsites, airbnbs, and RV parks. Also, you will need some restaurants or activity reservations according to your preference.

According to our own experienced, a little bit of planning makes things perfect! So don’t hesitate to do some research and find what’s best for you.

Step 3 : Download some Entertainment

This step is very important. You can download audiobooks or podcasts to listen to on the drive. And make some playlists. It will help you to stay focused on the road throughout the trip.

Step 4 : Get your bags together

Good bags and some packing cubes are mandatory for a road trip. Packing cubes are easily movable from the suitcase or duffle into hotel drawers. A duffle is carefree and it is easy to grab things on the road. Opening a suitcase in the back of a moving vehicle is not that practical, isn’t it?

If you have kids, the importance of bags will be much more! Additionally, you will need some small bags or coolers too.

Step 5 : Make your packing list

Make a Plan for the Best Road Trip Ever!

Efficient packing applies for air travel as well as for a road trip. Make sure to avoid over-packing and give priority to comfort and efficiency.

I suggest you start with clothing items. And shoes are very important. Select the types you need depending on your trip and pack more socks.

Step 6 : The must haves

As they carry on bags on the airplane, you need some mandatory things on hand during a road trip too.

I named my bag the “mission control bag”. I keep it at my feet. It has chargers, cameras, computer, face masks, the dog’s leash, CBD, headlamps, my big green puffer, natural wine haul, skincare comforts and other necessary things.

Step 7 : Pack a cooler and some extra outdoor gear

Snacks and water should be on hand. And don’t forget to keep a good cooler for items that need to stay cold. Those will be really helpful if you can’t find a suitable spot for food.

Last step : Go with the flow

Planning is not harmful at all! But don’t forget that everything won’t stick to the plan. And that’s not a thing to worry about. Just enjoy every bit of your road trip and make it the Best Road Trip Ever!

With this I conclude my article on Make a Plan for the Best Road Trip Ever. And wish you have a great adventure!

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